Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


13. Dead Tab

Its peanut butter jelly tab :D!


Sans woke up dat morning with Frisk's hand in his face. He blasted Frisk across the room to teach 'em a lesson for it and walky-talkied over to his pet rock, Suzy.

Sans decided to take his rock for a walk. He got out an oversized leash that Paps had in their garage place thing and tried putting it on Suzy, but it didn't fit so he just put it in his pocket.

 Snowdin was a good place to take a "pet" for a walk obviously since Suzy shivered violently from not being exposed to cold in over 3.4 billion years.

"chill." Sans walked 0.0000009 inches away from home before being stopped by someone!

But who was it?

"SAns!" Papyrus came running up instead of allowing a more popular character like Asgore or Undyne to appear earlier than 123 chapters in the story. Damn it paps.

"what the hell dude." Sans said without any punctuation or anything because that was how much disappointed he was with Papyrus ruining his day.

"I have an idea for a way to get you money for your tab!" Papyrus announces proudly.

Sans turns around with anime tears in his eyes, in an overjoyed moe way. "what is it brah?"

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