Undertab: Sans' Tab Adventure

Join everyone's ( not ) favorite skeleton Sans as he goes on a perilous journey to pay off his tab!


57. A Heartwarming Tab

(schniffs emotionally)

"that kid sure knows how to run.." Sans comments as chasing Frisk led him into the city. "i probably gained a six pack by now."

Then he got serious as Sans searched every single place he could think of for Frisk including the dumpster, under a trash can lid, and even a long search in the sewers. All he could find down there were a few empty pizza boxes and some turtles crawling around them.

 "damn it firsk where u be?" Sans asked as he climbed out of the sewer filled with pop culture references. Suddenly, Papyrus came to the rescue!

 "SANS! What are you doing out here?" Papyrus questioned while eating a hot dog he got from a nearby vendor.

 "i'm trying to find frisk but they ran away." Sans said sadly. "turns out the kid was an orphan."

Papyrus gasped. "That sounds terrible! I'll help you, Sans!"

He threw the hot dog somewhere away from them and began an even more intense search for Frisk well into the night.

 "FRisK!" Paps called out looking around the alleyway.

 "frisk." Sans shouted too. "damn it what if the kid is dead?"

 "No they aren't, Snozz! We'll eventually find First eventually!" Papyrus tried to reason. They sat down for their 40th rest break that day.

 "i think its time for a deep conversation, bro." Sans says while looking at the cool alleyway around him.

 "Shoot." Papz said like he never did.

 "....how many rats do you think this alleyway contains?"

Papyrus squinted and observed the area carefully before answering. "3."

 "cool." The conversation came to an end as they could hear crying nearby.

 "I wonder who could be crying at his hour?" Pepsi wondered like a complete dumbass. Sans wondered over to a vent in the wall and made out the shadow of Frisk.

 "frisk, let us in." 

They didn't open the grate thing which made Sans just Gaster Blaster that shit and it popped off easily. It didn't affect Frisk somehow, so it was okay.

 "Frisk, is everything okay?" Papyrus asks worriedly as he gets them out of there.

Frisk shook their head and resumed crying.

 "look, i'll be sure to track down courtney and that bitch teacher and will sell them on the black market just for u." Sans tried to comfort, but it didn't work like always.

Frisk sat down on the trash covered ground besides Papyrus and Sans. "My mom died when I was very young and a few years ago, my dad killed himself over it. Since then, I've been living on these streets for a while. I hung around Jacob Sartorious' place for a while but we broke up and I live here again..."

Papyrus and Sans were genuinely sad that Frisk was holding back this secret from them for a very long time. Papyrus began sobbing.

 "Why didn't you tell us this?" He asked.

 "..." Frisk's waterworks started up again as Sans was the only one not crying. Papyrus held Frisk close for a long time until he came up with a good idea!

 "I HAVE AN Idea! WE can be your parents, Frisk!" Papyrus grins. "And then Undyne can be a great mom on the sidelines! It'll be so much FUN!"

It was such a swell idea that Frisk's tears stopped tearing and they jumped over and gave Papyrus a genuinely elated hug.

 ".....I'd like that." They said happily.

 "can i join in the fam hug too?" Sans felt left out of this moment. Suddenly, he was swooped off the ground and was hugged as well.

 "Yes." A few minutes later, the hug ended because this story started to taste liek diabetes and it was awkward for any bystanders. 

 "so do we move up here, or..." Sans wondered about their living situation.

 "Sure! Why not?" Papyrus quickly said.

 "but what about suzy?" 

 "What about HER, Sans? We got a new kid to raise and that's even better than a rock pet!" To further validate his point, Paps ruffled Frisk's hair lovingly.

 "oh ok :/" They started to walk off to god knows where like many endings of animated films do and Frisk remembered Sans' tab money so they retrieved the dollars to give to Sans.

"Here's the money. I forgot to give it to you until just now." Sans only pushed the money away.

 "nah i can get more cash later. besides, today i've taken in someone even better than tab money." 

 "Sans..." Frisk trails off.


 "Quit being so cheesy."


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