The Runaway

I like hurting guys.. not physically of course, but mentally. I mean, I'm not the bad guy here.. they walked in my web at their own risk. I at least warned them, so you can give me credit for that. There's a bunch of movies that show what the guys do wrong, but do they even bother to show what the girls do?? No? Well that's what i'm here for. So buckle up and enjoy the ride.


1. My Introduction

I like hurting guys..

​Not physically of course, but mentally. I mean, what better feeling than power? Now you must be thinking, "what a psycho, how dare you", but may I just inform you that there isn't any good cop, bad cop scenario here.. they do walk in at their own risk. I at least warn them so, you can give me credit for that. Think of me as the bad side of karma, they waltz in thinking their wildest dreams will come true , once they've stepped down from the reality with the main chick. But honey, I'm that nice brewed hot coffee that shows them otherwise. Might I just say I enjoy that feeling, that adrenaline and rush.

​I'm not one to share any deep details about myself, "short, sweet and straight to the point" is my motto. I don't think there's a plausible reason for a full heavy duty introduction, well.. no one has really given me any reason that'll , reveal that million dollar introduction that I have tucked away in a safe. Any who, let's get to it shall we? I have places to be and people to meet.



​Looking at the time I notice I have only 15 minutes to get ready before my friends arrive. Shit ​, you would think after looking several times in the closet, a bomb ass outfit would just walk out and hug you. I pick up my phone.. maybe I should cancel tonight ​, but that would be wrong? Right? Considering the fact that I haven't seen either of them in so long..

Sorry guys, can't make it.

​Victor is typing.. ​- I'm not here for his response. I just want to .. relax? , ​I look over at my nightstand to see that alarm clock cat my mom gave me, it's beady eyes.. just like hers. In a sense, it's mocking me. It's looking at me just like she would when she -- never mind I don't want to think about it, if I don't think about it, it won't bother me. Simple. I bring my attention towards the ceiling, examining every crack and bump. Wow, I really have to get that fixed, ​on cue Wild Thoughts play. It took me a while to realize it was my phone, oh how nice, Sierra is calling.

​"Sierra Mi-"

​"Why won't you come out with us? Do you know how long it's been?!"

​"I know bu-"

"There better not be any wack excuse. You knew how important this was and you.. if you don't come down, we're coming up. That's it, your choice"

​"You're at my place??", I stick my head out the fire escape window and look down at two little ants waving back at me. Well, this should be fun. 

​After numerous complaints about not seeing each other in 7 years, they managed to take me out of my dojo of an apartment. We end up at this bar, I didn't bother looking at the name but the set up was nice. The fluorescent blue lights hugged the brick walls, it complemented the white seats. Everything looked so comfortable, I'm glad I came out. I look over at the bar and notice a familiar face, Brent.

​"Don't think about it", Victor says. He glides his hands down to my hips and pushes me to our table, "you know you could've just told me to go here. You didn't have to do all that". Sierra catches my eye and shakes her head.

​"What did you think I was going to do?"

​"Drink, what else?"

​"Eh, nope. Try again". Victor is a very close friend of mine, I've known him for years. Just thought I should enlighten you. We've messed around for a bit in high school and a little bit of college. Then, he wanted a relationship. Don't get me wrong, he's such a good guy, nice package , oh! And a nice personality.. I just didn't see myself with him at the time, I didn't see myself with anyone. I'm happy he understood that and stuck around. "I rather not, but thanks for being generous enough to give me another try this time", he smiles and winks. Man, that smile of his just puts me on a high, I just can't take any chances with the kid. He's too good for me.. "Whatever Vic..". When I check the bar once more, I catch Brent's eyes locked on mine. We also have had a couple pretty good rounds together that is, until I found out he had a girl under his arm the entire time. Just to make it clear, the whole "him having a girl" didn't turn me off, it was him being so sneaky about it. Before we do the ole dirty, I like to throw all my cards on the table. I'll explain what it is I want out of it and in return I hope they do the same. If not, I'm bound to find out any secret that was hidden, resulting in me feeling like a 2-cent hooker and I'm worth so much more than that. I hear Sierra order henny shots. "Are we starting off the night with a little risk?", I ask. "Just with a little kick I guess you could say. I miss you guys, let's catch up", she holds her glass up, Vic and I follow after.

​"But first, a toast. Cheers to... A friendship that lasted over a decade. Despite all the unnecessary drama, we still pulled through.", through the gagging she forces out an ' I love you guys '. I couldn't help but laugh, I immediately regretted that when I felt what seemed like the sun's piss run down my throat,

"Oh my god, I feel it" 

​"So how have you guys been? Vic?"

​" Everything's been smooth sailing I guess. Just got my master's and now i'm just focusing on me, i'm tired of working my ass off you know?", he looks at me.. I'm guessing he wants me to respond on that?? ​"wow, sounds exciting. Does that mean you'll have more time for us? Are you still with that girl, what's her name again? Becky?"-- "Briana. No, we broke up during her last year.. not like things were straight anyway so it's whatever.". With a pout, Sierra adds, "damn, I was really rooting for you guys", not me, ​"but I guess everything happens for a reason. Maybe it's a sign.". With a shrug, he dismisses himself and heads to the restroom. At this point, I wave the waiter over and ask for a mojito and a couple of appetizers.

​"What about you? How have you been ?"


​"Dude, you've been quiet all night. Say something."

​"Okay well, I've been in school, working. Doing me, so you know.. the reg". I begin to fondle with the napkin, I don't want to talk about me anymore. Doing that, has only caused more conflict, " What about you Sierra? Dating anyone? How's your mom? How is life actually treating you?". I knew this would take her back a bit, I notice her nose crinkle up and her posture straighten. She responds nonchalant, but do I care? no. I know what buttons to push to get my way, I didn't mean to do it at this place and time, but unfortunately it had to be done. "What's gotten into you? You were never.. like this". I shrug and, to be completely honest at this point I'm ready to leave. I feel a hand on my shoulder, when I look back.




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