nightmares are scaring ......... but i have always loved the creatures lurking in the dark.


1. the night it all began


the room was dark, i entered the room with no tinge of fear. slammed the door behind me, i walked straight to the table, standing adjacent to a cupboard the walls of this room different from my last nightmare.
my name is sella and i dare ghost. as a teenage i love going after creatures of the night. i love the creatures lurking in the dark.

blood stains everywhere, the floor was soaked with mud. i could hear groans and  wails from a distances in the room. i waited to hear the sound of the beast who welcomed me in nightmare one , but there was no sound of any.  suddenly  the room was quiet, the only sound i heard, was the thud of my heart and the tick tock sound of the clock. the room became more dark. silences engulfed the room. courage soon gave way to trepidation.

i am going to die i said to myself, why not torment me i bellowed, why leave me  in this silent room? my words echoed back . hahahahahahah, the sound of it was so sharp in my ears. my legs began to quiver, i felt the weight of my body too heavy for my legs to bear.


the room tuned upside down,i was in a state of delirium, clutched to the table beside me. i saw myself sinking the mud on the floor evaporated. all i could see was myself and the table going down into the ground. i cried for help, pls kill me i muttered i was so hopeless, like a chick looking for its mother. the law of gravity was working so well against me. i tried all i could to go up, but to no avail.


i am going to die, is this how my life will end, i beg for mercy , forgive me lord i murmur. the earth tremble all around me. abruptly i landed in a room, the reflection of the light illuminated my eyes, darkness gave way to light. i look around, the room looks familiar, with smiles i lay on the the bed my gaze went straight to the door. the handwriting on the wall, boldly written  no more nightmare.

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