The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


12. Thunder


 *Harri POV*

 Sleepily I wonder who is at the door, my watch say 11:25pm. I must have fallen asleep on the couch while watching tv.

"Harri, baby ? Are you there?" A voice sounded outside her door. Zac ! I get up and almost run to the door to open it, falling into his arms before he can get inside.

"Hey. I was so worried when you didn't answer your phone. I'm sorry I woke you". He says softly, looking down at me, I know I look a right mess.

"Don't be, I really need you right now". I sniffle into his chest.

He moves my arms to his neck and carries me inside, sitting us both on the couch. "What's happened darling ?"

Without looking at him I let it all spill out. I had intended to hold back a bit but I just can't. He listenes with his arm around me, occasionally running his fingers through my hair or down my back and gently wiping my tears.

He tiltes my chin up so I am looking at him and wiped my face gently. "You really thought I just wanted a fling?" He actually looks hurt. "Harriet, I can't stop thinking about you. I couldn't forget about you if I wanted to, I am completely enchanted by you. I would never, ever, hurt you like that. Please trust me. You're all I've thought about since the first time I saw you on my computer screen."

I put my head against his neck and squeezed him as tight as I can. "I'm so sorry about Lizzie, darling. If you need to go to her you should.'"

"I think Kerry is right, I can't do anything for her. Jake has promised to call if I can help. I'm sorry I doubted you. This is sort of unfamiliar territory for me." I say.

"It is for me, too." He bends down and kissew me softly. He takes my hands, leading me to the bedroom. "You need to sleep, it's late."

He undressed me gently, almost like a child, and I lay down on the pillow. For a change I am not at all self-conscious and the way Zac smiles tells me that he can feel that.

He removes his shirt and shoes, keeping his jeans on and laying down next to me, pulling me into his arms. "Do you want me to stay once you're asleep?"

"Yes, please." I say sleepily.

"Then I'm all yours. Sleep, baby." He says softly.


A loud crack of thunder wakes me at 3am and I sit up in shock. "Sshhhh, go back to sleep". Zac pulls me down on to his chest and I close my eyes. But I can't sleep. I can hear his steady soft breathing and feel his heart beat under me. 

 It wouldn't be fair to wake him, he'd been so kind to me and he proabably had plans this morning. Another crack of thunder makes him stir and his hand trails down to the arch in my back. I stay still but open my eyes, looking over his chest. It was firm and toned, but lean. He has a cover of dark hair, and a few freckles. 

I carefully lift the covers a little to find that he has taken off his jeans and is only wearing boxers. Trying not to wake him, I run a fingertip lightly over his stomach and chest and although he don't stir, there is

definitely a reaction. Spurred on, I prop myself up on one elbow and admire his almost naked body. His long neck and toned shoulders and arms.

My eyes run over his face is soft pink lips, the heavy stubble and the few freckles on his face. It really would be unfair to wake him. At least it would be unfair to try too hard...

Leaning over, I plant a few gentle kisses on his chest and shoulder. I can't help but noticed his erection growing under his shorts. Making me kiss his cheek and neck, and graze my palm lightly over one nipple. 

He opens his eyes a fraction and raises one eyebrow. "Harri." he groans. "You're supposed to be


He pulls me down to his lips and probes with his tongue until I open my mouth. I kiss down his neck, shoulder and chest, stopping to suck one nipple into my mouth. He tastes ever so slightly salty. I continue down until I reach the waistband of his shorts and remove them slowly, kissing down his leg as I go. 

By the time I reach back up his thighs his erection is huge and I kiss the tip lightly, licking off the salty droplet forming on the opening and sucking the end slowly in to my mouth. "Fuck, Baby!" He moans breathlessly. 

 I trace my tongue around his navel and feel him squirm under me, as I trail my tongue back up to his neck I straddled his hips and let him feel my slick folds over his length.

I kiss him hungrily while I fumbled in the top drawer. Sitting astride his thighs, I roll a condom down his  length, I sit upright and lower myself onto him halfway before moving back up. 


*Zac POV*

 I look up at her. There is nothing more exquisite than having her sitting on me naked, taking me in so slowly. I hadn't expected this in the middle of the night. I watch her perfect pale breasts, nipples hard and strutting and I reach up and take one in each hand, rolling her nipples with my thumbs.

She moans and look down at me, I can see her abs work as she slid up and down my length, she shift slightly and then slid all the way down on me, eliciting a loud gasp from both of us. I love how I fill her up, and even more so with her on top. 

After a few minutes she knows both our climaxes is building and she takes my hands and pull me up to her. As she thrust up on to me again, I feel my head move over her g-spot and she moans loudly into my mouth. 

Sitting up I have a little more control and I began to meet her thrusts. I can feel her beginning to tense around me as I hit her sweet spot. I am getting close, and when she starts kissing behind my ear I reach down to stroke her clit. 

It only takes a few more thrusts before she begin to tense and shudder around me and I feel the intense spasms as her climax washes over her. As I remove my hand, she begin to slide further up and down my length, until I pulled her hips down onto me and explode inside her. 

 I pull her back down on top of me and kiss her slowly while our pulses slows, tangling my fingers in her long curly hair.

I pull out from her and return to pull her close into my chest. I bury my face in her hair and drink in her scent as I notice her breathing grow deeper. I stay awake for some time, trying to think of the right words to tell her how I feel. I want her to feel safe with me, secure, comfortable. He know that will come in time, but time was one thing we don't have right now.




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