The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


13. Pancakes


 *Harri POV*

I wake a few hours later, I have decided not to go and see Lizzie, unless she calls and asks me to. I wander to the bathroom and get a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I look like hell. My eyes are swollen and puffy and my face is red. I take a quick shower, letting the warm water wash away the stress of the

previous day.

When I tip toe back to bed it is just after 7am. I wonder if Zac has anything planned this morning and if I should wake him, but he look so peaceful I just can't, especially when I am the reason he had so little sleep.  I creep back into bed and curl up in his arms, drifting quickly back to sleep.

The next time I wake the bed is cold. I open my eyes and look around but Zac is gone. I get up and put on a long pink dress, hoping he is in the kitchen or bathroom, but he is nowhere to be found. 

 I pick up my phone to call him but stop myself. You can trust him Harriet. Show him you trust him, I tell myself, trying to keep the fear under control.

A few minutes later he return with coffee and muffins. "I was hoping you

wouldn't wake up." He says when I greet him with a kiss.

"I knew you'd come back." I say smiling, putting my arms around him, happy I stopped myself from going into panic mode.

"Please remember that Darling. We probably need to talk about what's going to happen, but know that I will always come back to you." He kisses my forehead.

I don't want to talk about what is going to happen, I wan't to ignore it. "I trust you Zac. I want to trust you."

"You can trust me. All I want is for you to know how I feel about you." He says softly.

"I do. I can hardly believe it, but I think I know." I smile up at him, feeling a happy smile spread on my face, not knowing with Gods I pleased to deserve this blessing.

"How are you feeling?" His fingers gently trail down my cheek to cup my chin.

"OK I guess. Awful that I can't do anything for Lizzie, and that I made such a big scene last night. I feel like a bit of a drama queen dumping all of that on you. I won't be leaving to be with Liz. I got a message from her this morning and she's doing as well as can be expected."

"I'm glad to hear. I can't even imagine how it must feel. I'm all yours today except for a couple of hours this afternoon." He says giving me a chaste kiss.

 I quirk an eyebrow. "Mine?"

"Yours, baby." He grins in a very sexy way.

"You didn't have anything else booked today? I wasn't sure if I should wake you." I tell him, hoping I didn't give him trouble by letting him sleep.

"I cancelled last night while you were sleeping. I didn't want to have to rush out on you." He says shrugging slightly.

"Zac!"I can't believe he cancelled something just to be here with me.

 "It's fine. It was an audition for a part that didn't suit me, they are supposed to film when I'm already booked. Mike won't be happy about it but he'll understand". He says, taking a big bite of a cup cake.

"You didn't have to do that for me." I look down at my hands.

"Yes, I did. I wanted to. I want you to know how I care about you and all I can do is show you, over and over until you believe me". He answers.

I met his eyes. "Thank you. It means a lot to me."

After a lazy start to the day, Zac had to leave for a meeting. He would pick me up at 6:30 for an early dinner.

I wander around at home for the afternoon. My head still hurt from the night before and my brain is still trying to catch up with what had happened in the past week. I go to her bedroom to find something to wear and settled on a long green dress with thin straps. It cut in around my small waist and flows down to my feet. 

 I pin my hair up in a loose bun and allowed a few curls to fall down around my face, and I quickly pack a bag in case I spend the night at Zac's house and again my mind spins at how things can change in a few days.


Zac took me to a small teppanyaki bar out of the way and yet somehow in the middle of town. I don't think I could find it again If my life depended on it.

"Some time tomorrow we need to talk about my schedule. I have Mike email everything I have booked for the next 6 months. We can do it over dinner if you like ?" He sounded so business-like I almost choked on a prawn. "OK..."

"That didn't come out right, did it." He laughed.

"It was somewhere between 'I have 3 girlfriends to coordinate' and 'I must ensure we are in the same city for 10.25 days a year exactly". I smile, I know he didn't mean it that way. "And dinner sounds great." Putting down my fork and added. "I bring my schedule and we can synchronise our watches." Making him laugh so much people started to look.


*Zac POV*

In the car on the way home, Harriet put her head back and closed her eyes. "Want me to take you home and put you to bed?" I ask her gently, taking her hand.

"Mmmm, how about you take me home with you and take me to bed?" She caught the bright headlights of another car and winced. "Just get me some painkillers first."

"I can do better than that". I grin, knowing exactly what I want to do. It is still quite early when we arrived back at my house and I send her to the deck while I make a cup of tea. "Sit and drink, I'll be back." 

I disappear inside only to return a short time later and lead her by the hand to the second bathroom, she has only seen the ensuite before and it is only now she sees that the other room is much larger, with a huge double shower, mirrored wall and a large sunken bath. 

 There are candles along the window sill, the lights are dimmed and the bath is full of bubbles.

I stand in front of her, removing her shoes and then her dress so she is left only in her red lace panties. i just have to pull her in close as I kiss her softly. She shivers as I hook my fingers in her panties and pull, letting them fall to the floor. 

 She starts to unbutton my shirt but I gently removed her hand and shake my head. "Not yet. Hop in." I hold her hand so that she can step down into the warm bath. It smells of lavender and peppermint and the warm water seems to instantly relaxed her tense muscles. 

She looks up at me expectantly. "Not this time, darling. This is just for you." 


*Harri POV*

He left and I can hear him in the bedroom before he disappeared downstairs again. I lay back and let the

warmth and scent wash over me and take away the tension, and it began to ease my aching head and neck. I try not to think about Zac leaving in a couple of days, I am just happy I have the freedom to work around his schedule. 

 I close my eyes and clear my mind, thinking only about his body, his voice, the way he looks at me and wanted to look after me. His strong arms, big hands and those long able fingers. His soft warm lips, those beautiful eyes and those soft curls.

 It is about time I admit to myself that I am helplessly in love with him, and how couldn't I be, he is handsome, sexy, sweet, charming, smart, funny, adorable, giving, has the biggest heart, yeah all in all he is beyond perfect.

When the water started to cool I step out of the bath and realise I hadn't brought anything to put on. Drying myself with a towel, I tiptoe into the bedroom and into Zac's wardrobe. I find a soft t-shirt and put it on. Zac is so damn tall it covers halfway down my thighs. She breathed in his scent before heading downstairs.


*Zac POV*

I am checking my emails when I hear Harriet getting out of the bath. When she come downstairs she is wearing my t-shirt. I never knew anyone could look so sexy in nothing but that, but she did. She looked relaxed and beautiful.

"Feel any better?" I ask.

"Much, thank you." She pad over to me and sit down on my lap. "You're too good to me." She leans down and kisses him deeply, her tongue immediately searching for mine. It takes all my self control not to lay her down and take her right here.

"I'm not done yet." I tell her when our lips part, lifting her off me and standing up. I close my laptop and lead her to the bedroom, turning the lights off as we go. All the candles are lit again, and I have pulled back the covers, leaving only one pillow in the middle of the bed. 

 She looks at me confused. I lift the shirt over her head and tell her softly to lay face down on the pillow. "Trust me".

She did as I asked, and when she was laying down I removed my own clothes except for my boxers, hoping they can contain my erection a little while longer. I take a bottle of oil from the table and kneel on the bed next to her.

Warming some oil in my hands, I begin to gently rub her neck before kneading her shoulders with a little more pressure. I know the warm oil feel amazing on the muscles and she is relaxing under my touch. I continue firmly and confidently, working slowly down to her lower back.  She shifts a little under me as I touch her sides. 


*Harri POV*

 He was relaxing most of me but making my insides tense. He worked back up to my neck, reaching over my shoulders to massage my collarbones and up to my jaw. I feel as though I might just melt into a puddle in the bed. 

 He reach up and undo the pins and elastic in my hair, letting it fall over her arms and shoulders. "God you are so beautiful." He whisper, kissing the back of my neck.

I can't wait any longer and roll over, removing his boxers and pulling him down on top of me. He kisses and nips at my breasts while I stroke his already full erection, and his hand begin to trail to my folds, finding me hot and slick. He probes gently, running his thumb over my clit and pressing on my entrance.

 I met his hand with my hips, craving his touch, and I strain up to kiss his neck, he put his forehead to mine and slide two fingers inside me, his breathing quickening as she strokes me more firmly. I look hi. straight in to his eyes. "I want you, Zac. Now." 

He kisses me hungrily and reaches over to the nightstand keeping his fingers inside me. He kneels between my legs and continues pressing on my clit with his thumb, while I dextrously rolls the condom down his shaft. 

 I strok him a few more times before guiding him to my entrance and his fingers leave me, being replaced with the tip of his erection. I run my hands over his chest, rolling a nipple under my thumb, and he slides himself half way inside me. After a few moments I pull on his hips, and with the next thrust his whole shaft is inside me, filling me and making me moan. 

This time is much slower than before, like he wants to make love to me slowly and make it last. He

takes his time, sliding in and out of me slowly and kissing my mouth gently. With the tension ever so slowly building, I feel so strongly for him that I can feel tears forming. I want this to last forever, to be by his side and in his bed and feel his weight on me and his arms around me every night. 

I noticed his pace has quickened almost imperceptibly and his breathing is faster and louder and I know his climax is approaching. I hook my legs around his waist making his head push further inside me and pulls his face down to my, crashing our lips and tongues together. 

 I can feel myself building as he reaches down with one hand, holding my leg further up and penetratino deeper. He begin to shudder and groan loudly and I feel him pulsating inside me. He don't stop, continuing his assault until I shattered around him, biting his lip and milking his shaft with waves of spasms. 

 He fell down onto my chest breathing heavily. He rolls me over, holding me tight in his arms, and I snuggled my face in to his chest. "Baby, I've never felt the way I feel about you. With you." 

"I sniffled in to his chest I haven't either". I say softly, kissing his collarbone with trembling lips. "I

don't want you to go."

"I know, baby. I don't want to go." He sighs. "Sleep, my beautiful girl, we can worry about that tomorrow."


I sleep blissfully, I always slep better next to Zac than I ever have alone. When I wake, he isn't there, and mixed with the scent of Vanilla, lavender and peppermint, I can smell something else. Pancakes.

I got out of bed and find Zac's shirt from last night on the floor, slipping it on and buttoning it half way. It smells like him, and it feels silky against my skin.

I follow my nose downstairs to the kitchen where Zac has his back to me at the stove. I walk softly over to him and cuddle into his back, threading my arms around his waist. 

"Good morning gorgeous." He says looking down at my legs. "Nice shirt." He smirked as he placed the last pancake on the plate and handing it to me.

 "So what's on today hot stuff ?" I ask, seending him a glance, he is only wearing dark blue pyjamas bottoms, looking more edible than the pancakes.

"I have a meeting to confirm the promo for the tangled series, and then I'm having lunch with Joss Whedon. This afternoon, nothing I don't think. I'll need to start packing but I don't need much. I have a couple of scripts to look at and Mike has sent me a couple of projects he thought I might be interested in. I thought we'd have dinner here tonight, is take away ok? Chinese?" He asks.

"Sounds great. I can be here at 5 if it fits you. I'll just walk home this morning and let you get to your meeting in time." I say as he looks grinning down at my bare legs and barely buttoned shirt, making me blush. 

"I can drive you". He says, his fingers reaching out to lift the hem of the shirt, but I slap his hand away smirking at him.

"I know you can. But I could also walk, it's only 2 blocks. And you don't have time for shinanigans". I say putting half a pancake into my mouth.

"Are you ever going to let me look after you?" He asked softly. He looked into my eyes with a serious expression. "We'll talk more tonight, but I need you to really consider how different my world is from yours. You're used to being fairly anonymous, selling your paintings online and that will change. I might not be a mega star, but people are going to know you, and recognise you. I understand if you're not ready for that, but I can't keep you a secret forever".

I put down my fork and take a sip of juice. I have suddenly lost my appetite and my mouth was very dry. Until now I hadn't dared to believe that one day we might go out in public, together, as a couple. That people might want to know about me, and when they did, they'd want to know why on earth Zac would choose to be with me.

He leans over and tilt my chin upwards so I am looking into his eyes. He has a slight frown on his face. "At the same time I want to show you off and shout it from the rooftops, and keep you hidden away all to myself. Eventually people will find out about us, and I want to do it on our terms. Which means we have to talk about this stuff, OK?"

"OK," I almost whispered.

Zac kisses my forehead and nose, soft and lovingly, and released my chin. "Eat, or I'm going to be late again". He says, a slight smile touching his lips.







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