The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


3. His name is Zac


*Harri POV*

I heard my computer beep to signal that I had an email and I picked my up phone

up, hopeful that it was an order. The work I did paid the bills but I didn't have

much of a nest egg to fall back on, so each month as rent day approached,

became tense. I was still about a hundred shy of having Decembers rent.

Sometimes I wondered if choosing art as my career hadn't been the worst

decision of my life since, while I was doing what I loved, there was zero job

security. Maybe those people who sit behind a desk for eight hours a day were

onto something; they had a regular pay cheque coming in, after all, and they

didn't have to slog through the self-assessment tax form once a year.

I love my life, really I do, but I would love it even more if I sold a few more

paintings each month.

I have considered leaving LA and moving to somewhere cheaper, but part of

me still hopes to be discovered by a gallery. Of course, it's been about two years

now since I took the time or trouble to cart my paintings to galleries. There's only

so much rejection my poor heart can take and while painting Fluffy might not be

considered fine art, at least the people who commissioned me liked my work.

As I picked my phone up, I wondered what my new friend would make of my

paintings, and it turned out that the email was from him


'My darling Dr Horrible, 

your paintings are as exquisite and beautiful as you.

You really should consider exhibiting in a gallery. While I'am no expert, I am

certain that there is more than enough room in the art world for someone with your talent.

Yours with utmost sincerety,

Capt. Hammer


He really was kind of sweet, in an adorkable way

I clicked reply. 


'Been there, done that, got rejected.'


It didn't take long for a reply to come back


'You can't give up, you have to keep trying. How many times do you think I've

been turned down or acting jobs?'


I smiled. He was right.


'I hear you're a shoo in for hind legs of the donkey this year.'


That was a bit glib, even for bitchy old me, so I immediately typed another reply.


'Sorry, you hit a bit close to home with that. I guess that now I'm paying my

bills, I'm not as hungry, and not as willing to face rejection. But you are right, I

should keep trying'.


'You really should, I think you're very talented'.


'Thank you. This might be easier by text, so here's my mobile number, o7XXX


The next time my phone beeped, it was with a text message from an unknown



'So you'll give me your phone number but not your name?'


'Harri. My name Harri. I would have thought Harriet's Pets might have given

you a clue. Can I know your name?'


'Zachary, Call me Zac'


'Very nice to meet you, Zac. I think I prefer Captain Hammer though. It's more



I could almost hear him laughing. I hope he found me as funny as he seemed to.


'True. Are you enjoying Dirty Dancing?'


'Actually I opted for Guardians of the Galaxy. My DVD came this morning.

Dirty Dancing is next though. How's the party?'


'Party's okay. Think I might leave soon, I have an early call time tomorrow'


'So you have a job at the moment? Do tell.'


I was genuinely curious. Being an actor can mean anything from being an extra, 

to being Leonardo DiCaprio.


'It's just a few days of reshoots'.


'Do you have anything else lined up?'


'I have a part in a tv movie, filming in the New Year.'


'Anything I might have heard of?'


'It's a psych movie'


I knew nothing but the basics about the show.

 'Ooh, crime stuff!'


I could almost hear him chuckle as he typed out a reply.


'Yes, crime stuff,'he agreed. 'Its a bit different from anything I've done recently, so

it should be fun'.


I took that to mean he'd been doing theatre or something, and working in front of

a camera would be new.

'Diffrent from being the hind end of a donkey, at least people get to see your face;)'


I really did wonder if I was being a bit close to the line with these insults, hence

the wink face at the end. He can probably tell when I tease him on webcam but

with just text, teasing can easily be read as bitching.


'Yeah, and far less sweaty than a donkey suit.'


Yes! He got me and my twisted humour, but maybe it was time I stopped acting

like an ass, or at least tone it down a little.


'Well hope you enjoy it and I'll be sure to watch it and cheer for you when it

 airs. Unless you're a bad guy, in which case I will boo and hiss at you but

you shouldn't take this as a reflection that I don't support you'


'You are marvellously mis mischievous, Harri Horrible'


'Hey, horrble by name, horrıble by nature.'


So, how is your film?'


'Not sure, some weird guy keeps texting me so it's paused just before the final

fight scene. Still, a gorgeous redhead has his head buried in my lap, so I'm being

well cared for.'


There was a very long pause there and I wondered if I'd offended him, or put him

off. Why had I joked about that anyway? Did I want him to think I was seeing

someone? Worse still, that I would text while someone was going down on me?

A worrying thought occurred to me then, what if the guys I dated weren't the

weirdoes, what if I was the weirdo? They couldn't all be weird, right? And I was

the only common denominator so..

I was about to text again and remind him about Jasper but he beat me to it.


'The red setter you painted, right? You said he was coming over.'


'The very same.'I actually sighed with relief, causing Jasper to look up at me.

'He's spoiled rotten, almost treated better than a child. If he wasn't such a

sweetheart, I'd be jealous of all the money they spend on him. Seriously, he even

attends doggy day care while they go out to work.'


'Well, as long as they love him, I can't see the harm'.


'Nor me, that's vhy I watch him in the evenings when they go out. They call it a

sleepover though, which is slightly disturbing.'


'Says the woman who has a crush on a raccoon.'


'I do not have a crush on a raccoon... okay, maybe I have a little crush on him,

but the kind of pettining I want to do with him is totally legal, I assure you.'


'I'll have to take your word for it'


Well, he didn't have to. He could meet me, I suppose. Did I really want to say that

though? Probably not.

'So, is the tv movie filming in LA?'


'Mostly Canada actually. We haven't started yet.'


'Well, good luck with it. I hope it's amazinq and epic and your big break'.


'Thank you, darling, that's very kind of you to say'


'So, have you been in anything else I might have seen?'


'Ah, now, that would be telling.'


I pouted. 'Dirty, rotten tease. I showed you my work, now you show me yours'.


'As tempting as that is, I fear not.'


'It's okay, you know, even if you do look like the elephant man, I'll still talk to



'You are too kind.'


Was he being snarky? 'Are you being sarcastic?'


'Maybe, just a little. What's sauce for the goose if sauce for the gander, after all.'


'Are you calling me a goose? A bird? Fowel (or foul). I have never been so

insulted in my life! You beastly man!'


'LOL. I wish I was there with you, watching you tear your film plot to shreds'.


'Eh, I go easy on Marvel. And comic book adaptations in general. Except Man of

Steel. And Green Lantern. Man, those films were awful.'


'Oh come on, who doesn't like Superman!'


'Me. For the same reason I'm not as keen on Captain America and Thor, they're

all goody two shoes, there's no complexity or real depth in their characters..I like a 

complicated hero'.


'Like Loki and Stark?'


'Exactly. And I'm dying for a Black Widow movie. I'd bet she has a graveyard

worth of skeletons in her closet'


'Where do Fandral fit in ? He doesn't seem so complicated'


 I chuckled, he was right. 'Well, he might not be, but he is a real

 old school Eryl Flynn type of hero and he does it with such charm,

 Especially in the second movie. But might have to do with the

 actor. I mean Levi just has so much more charisma than Josh Dallas'


Suddenly my phone rang, displaying a withheld number. It was probably him but

I couldn't be sure.


"Tell me your theory on Loki again?" I could hear the smile in his voice.

"You mean about him deep down being a good guy?"

"That's the one"

"Shouldn't you be enjoying your party?"

"I did enjoy it. Now I'm in a cab back to my place."

I wondered where his place was

"Just think about it" I began. "Loki was Thor's right hand man in Asgard and

they fought together for centuries. Even at the beginning of Thor one, he saves

Fandral's life. Up until his whole identity was stripped away from him, he was

one of the good guys, despite how shitty his dad treated him."

"But he was never really good, was he? He did let the frost giants into Asgard."

"True, but we're talking about gods and monsters here, not people. Everything in

Asgard is larger than life, so it stands to reason that their pranks would be bigger

too. Letting Frost Giants in is probably equivalent to our putting cling film over

the toilet bowl."

"I suppose."

I carried on with my point, pressing it home. "Besides, it's only a few recent years

when he's been a true bad guy so really, that behaviour is the aberrant one."

"So would you date Loki?”

"Are you kidding?" I said excitedly in my best overly enthusiastic fangirl voice.

"Of course I wouldn't! No frigging way, Jose! As much as I like to ogle him from

afar, the dude's a maniac."

He laughed

"All I'm saying," I continued, "is that he's complex and there are dozens of layers

to him. He can be good, bad or indifferent, depending on his motivation, and

that's what makes him interestıng."

"Hmm," he said, as if considering my words and finding them wanting

"I wouldn't date Tony Stark either, for that matter, I'd trust him too save the

world most of the time but not not break my heart, if that makes sense. My

English teacher's head is probably spinning around right now, Exorcist style."

"Bad grammar or not, I know what you mean," he chuckled. "What makes for an

interesting or sympathetic character doesn't necessarily make for a good


"Exactly. They're good for a one night stand, nothing more," I teased.

"That only leaves you with Fandral then, would you date him or would that 

be a one night stand too ?" He asks sounding amused.

"Well don't forget Rocket". I giggled. "Well, I am not sure about Fandral, I mean he 

Is gorgeous and sexy, but I think he is maybe to much of a flirt, might end up

With a broken heart".

"So, what kind of man does make a good boyfriend?"

"I don't know," I said as I considered the question. "I've never been one for a

laundry list of what I want in someone else."

"You must have some idea though."

"Well... I suppose someone like my Dad. I would like to add before I continue,

that I am not now nor have I ever been, attracted to my father."

"Understood, please continue."

"Okay, first you want someone calm. Having a temper is not an attractive quality

and nothing ever got solved in anger. Next, he has to be kind. Why anyone would

date someone who was unkind, I don't know, I hate meanness in all it's forms,

but those losers keep getting dates, so I guess someone likes them..."

"What else?" he prompted

"I don't know. I suppose intelligence is important, someone you can have a real,

in depth discussion with sometimes."

"So educated then?"

"Education is nice but not necessary, as long as someone is bright and willing to


"Anything else?"

"Someone who is confident but not arrogant. The kind of person who is happy

with who they are, who doesn't have a massive chip on their shoulder and who

has nothing to prove to the world."

"Isn't having goals good though?"

"Sure, but it depends why you want to reach those goals. If it's to prove to

everyone around you that you're worthy, then you'll never feel worthy because

external validation never lasts. If it's to prove something to yourself, to see if you

can do something new, or just so you can learn and grow as a human being, those

kinds of goals are".


"How old are you?" he suddenly asked.

I gasped, "Zachary! How could you ask a lady such a thing! You impertinent


He laughed 

"Why do you want to know?" I asked, joking aside.

"Just curious. You seem to have a wisdom beyond your years."

"How do you know I'm not seventy five years old and just have a really good plastic


"I suppose I don't." He laughed. "Please tell me you aren't seventy five though. I have

nothing against age gaps but forty years might be stretching it."

Was he flirting with me? Was it possible that he was as enamoured with me, as I

was becoming with him?

Probably not.

"Thirty one." I replied

"Ah, to be thirty one again." he said wistfully.

'You're not some middle aged guy who is going through a midlife crisis, are you?"

I joked. He didn't sound middle aged.

"I'm thirty six, love."

"Phew!" I said with exaggeration, wondering if I should flirt back. "So, what do

you look for in a partner?

"Just hold on a second."

I heard him talking with the cab driver, then a door slammed.

"Sorry, just getting inside," he explained a moment later. "Where were we?”

His voice was getting softer and louder, so I pictured him taking his jacket off

"I was asking the qualities you look for in a girl. Well, a woman; if you were still

dating girls, I'd have to report you."

"Oh, I don't know," he answered. "I suppose similar things to you. Nice, even

tempered, intelligent. I think a sense of humour is a must too, you need to laugh,

even in the darkest of times."

"Especially then," I agreed.

"So, um, I don't suppose you, uh..."

Was he going to ask me out? If there is a god, please, please, please let him ask

me out!

"Yeah?" I prompted as the silence became awkward

"I suppose I'd better let you get back to your film and your redhead".

 I felt a pang of loss. Probably my own fault for getting my hopes up. Why would

he want to date me? I spent half the time insulting him. It was a dynamic that

worked in our house but I was usually careful to break new boyfriends into that

aspect of my personality carefully. With Zac, I'd just jumped straight in with the


"Sure." I tried to sound upbeat. "Enjoy the rest of your evening and have fun with

the tv movie."

"I will." Was it my imagination or did he sound a little sad? I don't know why he

had any right to be sad, he was the one who suggested hanging up. "Good night,


"Night, Zac."

I ended the call before I could second guess myself















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