The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


10. Heated passion


 *Zac POV*

 I wrap my arm around her waist as we wait for the car to pick us up. Her hand is drawing lazy circles on my stomach and chest through the silk shirt and I have to admit it feels rather decadent against my skin, having my entire body on high alert.

 "Her you go miss, you purse, save and sound". The chauffeur hands her the bag with a smile, as he opens the door to us.

 She takes it, smiling back at him. "Tank you very much sir". She holds my hand and I help her get into the car, sliding in beside her.

 "Oh by the way, I really hope I didn't over spoke earlier by calling you my girlfriend". I say as I lace our fingers together, resting our hands in my lap.

 She rest her head on my shoulder and a soft smile graces her lips. "I might have been a bit presumptuous of you, but I kind of liked it, so I am villing to let it slip".

 "Oh you are willing to let it slip are you ? Is that what I am to you a slip ?" I try to feign offence, but I have a hard time hiding my smile.

 She looks up at me, her eyes shining mischievously, her hand just gracing my crouch as she slide her arm around me. "Does it help if I let you slip something else in to ?"

 I might have gasped just a tiny bit, I mean I knew she could be sassy and cheeky, but I didn't know she could be this naughty and I wonder if it is the alkohol or just that she is now totally relaxed around me. I lean down kissing her deeply and honestly I can't wait for us to be alone.

 When we reach my house I thank the chauffeur, then I put my arm around her, leading her to the front door. "Welcom to my humble home".

 "Thank you". Her eyes taking in everything as I turn of the light an closes the door behind us, following her into the living-room. She turns and smile at me. "I love it Zac, it is very much you".

 "Well thank you darling". I say biting my lip, not really sure what to do now, I don't want to push her or seem like I am just after one thing, but oh God right now I can't wait to get her out of that dress.

 A sexy smirk spred on her face, and she walks over to me, her hands slowly sliding up my chest, up under my jacket, pulling it over my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Then she takes my hand leading me to the couch and gently pushing me down to sit.

 She stands back, slowly opening the hidden zipper on the side of the dress, letting it glide of her body, revealing a set of hot red lace lingerie and her very sexy body, making my throat go dry. "Oh I really like that underwear on you baby, but I know one place it will look even better".

 "Oh and were might that be ?" She asks me, raising one eyebrow at me and I can't help the smirk creeping over my face. "I think it will look marvellous on my bedroom floor".

She walks slowly to the couch and sit down sideways on my lap, taking me by surprise, as she put her arms around my neck and kisses me deeply, her tongue immediately probing for mine. I am moaning into her mouth and shifting my hips slightly underneath her. 

 Encouraged, she trails her fingertips down the side of my face, around my ear and down my neck, going just under the collar of my silk shirt. She pulls away from my mouth and kisses down the other side. Cheek, ear, throat and neck. I put my head back and closes my eyes. "God, Baby." 

 I shift underneath her again and slide my hand up her back, feeling goosebumps break out everywhere my fingers explore and she let a small moan escape in to my mouth.

I stop and pull away from her, looking in to her dark eyes. They sparkle at me and I notice her face is flushed and her breathing is faster.

"Do you want, I mean, can I..."

"Take me to you bedroom, Charming."

She don't have to tell me twice. I scooped her up and put her down on her feet, taking her by the hand and leading her up to the bedroom.


*Harri POV*

He stops me right inside the bedroom door. "Close your eyes."

I do and can hear him shuffling around and smell the sweet scent of Vanilla, wondering what he is up to, having a hard time not peaking.

He takes my hands leading me forward, then he slides his hands around my waist, mine going to his chest, feeling his muscles tense beneath his shirt. When I open my eyes, I see that he has turned off the lights and lit 20 or so candles on shelves above the bed. 

The scent of him and the candles fills my head, it is almost more than I can bear. I grab the hem of his shirt and lift it over his head, revealing his chest and stomach covered in dark hairs. I run my fingertips

lightly over every inch, relishing the way he shivers and his breath catch when I graze his nipples.

 He pulls my face up to his and pulls me into him and I trail my fingers over his back, feeling his muscles flex as he pulls me closer. I can already feel his erection pressing into me through his pants.

 In one smooth motion he opens my bra and slides it off, discarding it, and lay me gently down on the

pillow. He is straddled over me, examining every inch of my pale skin and the way my navel pulls in when I breathed in sharply. 

 He kisses me hard on the mouth and then trailed down my throat to my shoulders, and I suddenly feel incredibly vulnerable as he sits back to take in my almost naked form. He must have sensed me tensing and refusing to meet his gaze. "Damn Baby."  He breathes. "You're so beautiful." 

He bends down and kisses from each hip into my belly button and I can't help giggle when he tickles me. He makes a trail of painfully slow kisses back up to my neck, only barely grazing his palms over my nipples.

I arche my back to put my breast into his hand and he takes me lead kneading my breast and lightly pinching my nipple while his tongue explores mine. My hand run over his chest, lightly flicking his nipples and grazing over his stomach with my nails. 

I roll to my side, undoing the button and fly on his pants and hooking my fingers into the waistband to tug them down, removing them along with his boxers. His erection spring free and I have to take a moment to marvel at how beautiful his lean naked body is. 

I bite my finger and let out a groan before stroking him lightly. "Ahhh, Harri baby". He pulls my face

to his into a deep kiss, biting my lip and letting his teeth graze my tongue, moaning into me.

He withdraws his mouth and rolled me to my back, kissing and suckling at my breasts and trailing his tongue down over my stomach to the waistband of her panties. I squirm under him as he slowly removed the last piece of my clothing, sliding them gently down off my feet. 

 He runs his hands down the smooth skin on my legs and back up to my thighs, making me writhe under his touch. He kisses the inside of my ankle and moves up, all the time painfully slowly, leaving a

trail of kisses up to my mound and over my hips. 

 His mouth makes its way back to my nipple while his hand parts my legs and trails up the inside of my thigh, I am writhing beneath him, arching up to his hand and searching for his touch. His long fingers finds my center, already hot and wet, and he bites gently on my nipple as his finger grazes my clit. "God, Zac". I gasp as he slide one, and then two fingers inside me. 

"Oh baby so hot and wet for me, I can't wait to have you". He hooks his leg under mine and pulls me toward him rolling so we are face to face. Our eyes lock and for a few moments we just stare into one another, intensity building. 

 Zac wraps my leg over his waist and slide his fingers back inside me, letting his thumb circle my clit. He sems spurred on by my moans, as he maintains his pace until I reach down and begin stroking him again. 

I can feel the tension pooling deep inside me and as I stroke him, he increases his urgency just slightly. i can feel him getting harder and longer, and the thought of him inside me is almost enough to push me over the edge.

He bent his head to kiss down me neck once again and when he bites down on my nipple I shatter around him, spasming around his fingers and arching into his mouth, moaning his name.

He don't stop his assault on me, just slowing until my breathing has returned almost to normal before withdrawing his fingers. He leans down to kiss me and I pull him on top of me, letting my legs fall on either side of his. He paused a for a moment kneeling between my legs, like he is taking in the scene before him. 

 I brush my hair out of my face, and looked up into his eyes. I want him. Now. I can't quite reach to touch him and I whimper. I need to feel him. 


*Zac POV*

I looked down at her flushed face and the sweat beading on her soft skin. I don't want to miss anything, forget anything about this moment. "Zac." She breathed on a soft moan, making my name the most sexy sound in the world.

I lean down over her and as our lips met so do our bodies. I only give her the tip to begin with, not because she isn't ready but to savour the anticipation. I only fully enter her when she pulls hard on my waist, and bite into my shoulder. 

 She is moaning and clawing at the sheets, her eyes trying to focus on mine, but they keep rolling back in her head with each slow thrust. I can't help but watch her face as I give her my full length. She throws her head back and a groan escape from deep in her throat. 

 I start at a excruciatingly slow pace, but soon I begin to pick up as I feel the tension building in both of us. She strained up to kiss my neck and chest, suckling here and there, muffling her own moaning so that I only know she is close by the humming of her mouth against my skin. 

She draw my nipple in hard between her teeth as she climax again, sending me over the edge, shuddering and spasming together. I am chanting her name on gasps.

When we both can breathe again, I withdraw from her and she lays her head on my chest, listening to my heart beat slow. As she starts to lull of to sleep, I roll to my side and pull her close to me, enveloping her in my arms. 


*Harri POV*

 His arms feels so strong around me, and I feel so very tired and satisfied, my whole body relaxed and I sigh as I snuggle closer to him.

 I strain up and kisses his lips, then his chest and inhale his wonderful scent. Nestled in his arms I feel so secure and safe, so right. It was amazing, if unfamiliar, and I drift off to sleep with a smile on my lips.








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