The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


51. Having the talk


*Zac POV*

I take out my phone and sends a text to Harriet. 'Are you awake? Can we please talk?'

I keep pacing the floor, making Mike dizzy. "She's turned it off". I say, putting my phone down on the table. "I think I have to go over there."

"If she won't answer your calls, she sure as hell isn't going to open the door, Zac". He says.

"Then please, help me. What do I do? How do I fix this?" I say, the tears welling up again.

Mike thinks for a moment. "Do you have feelings for Elizabeth? Don't try and lie to me."

I shake my head. "She's lovely, we get along well, we're friends. What you saw.. that wasn't me, I have no interest in any other women."

"Why haven't you talked to Harriet before now?"

"She wanted space, I was giving it to her. I made her so angry. And then the more time passed the more she seemed to shine, on her own. She looked so happy, I didn't want to ruin it. I honestly thought she would decide to leave, Mike. I thought I was doing the best thing for her, letting her be free." I say, shaking my head.

"What's best for you, though? What do you want?" He asks.

"I want my girl back. I want to be a part of it, and have her come home to me when she is done painting and she's worn out. To come and surprise me on set, fall asleep on my chest, tell me I'm too thin and worry that I'm not getting enough sleep. I want to marry her. I want her to be my wife". I say, but can I still get that ?

"Go to bed. You can't do anything tonight. You might not be able to fix this, Zac. Be prepared for that. I'll see what can come up with to keep her here." He says.

"You really think I can sleep right now?" I say, knowing I won't get one second of sleep.

"Go stare at the ceiling then. You have a huge day tomorrow."


*Harri POV*

Laying in bed a few miles away, I don't reply Zac. There is only so much torture I can take. Hearing his voice would be too much. I ignore his calls and switch off the phone.

I switch my phone back on at 5am when I wake up. I have 5 voice mails from Zac, and I delete them without listening. I also have a message from Mike. 'Call me as soon as you get this. Zac won't bother you anymore I confiscated his phone and sent him to bed.' I giggle a little, knowing he probably wasn't exaggerating. 

 I press the call button without thinking and get a very sleepy sounding Mike. "Sorry. Just doing as I was told. What's up?"

"You need to talk to Zac before you go." He says.

"I'm hanging up now." I tell him.

"No, you're going to listen or I'Il cancel your flight." He says sternly.


"Just.. listen. There's nothing between him and Elizabeth. Nothing. I believe him. I shouldn't have assumed and I shouldn't have said anything to you without asking him straight out. He loves you and you owe him a chance to be heard." He says.

"I can't."

"You can. He wants to marry you, Harriet. He loves you and he wants to be with you and the baby. He saw the email. Please just hear him out, and then you can go, if you don't change your mind."

"OK. I'll come there."

I hang up and go to the bathroom. My stomach churn. As I warm up the shower I catch a glimpse myself in the mirror, I look awful.

I am on the doorstep half an hour later, wearing jeans and a thick cardigan with a blue scarf around my neck. I knock quietly, not wanting to wake Zac and knowing Mike is waiting for me. When he opens the door he hugs me tight and close it behind her. "I haven't woken him up yet, I thought you might like tea first."

"Yes please." I sit down at the kitchen bench. "What time is my flight?"

"Um about that. 5pm. Tentatively." He says.

"Confirm it please. I don't want to get there and not have a seat." I tell him.

"I will, after you two talk. I wouldn't force you if I didn't think there was a chance you could work it out." He says making me sigh. "Can I ask you something? What would he have to say or do to make it ok?"

I think for a long moment before answering. "That he loves me, that he'll stop thinking everything I do or don't do is for him."

Mike laugh out loud. "That's it? Fuck you two are complicated!"

"It's more than that, it's about showing me. I need to feel it.

We both look up when we hear the shower running. "Well you've got him out of bed early for the first time in a month."

"How is he, really?" I ask.

"He missed you a lot. He'd have been miserable if he wasn't so busy, I think. That's what kept him going. Health wise he's good, still has a lot of headaches and wheezing but definitely improving. Do you want some breakfast?" He asks.

My stomach lurch. "No. Thanks."

Zac walks out of the bedroom and is clearly surprised to see me. He smiles and then covers his mouth with his hand as his eyes wells up with tears. "Hello, darling. Can we please talk?"

"Yes, Zac." I manage a faint smile, hiding the turmoil inside me.

"I'm going to have a shower, and.. well yeah. Leave you to it." Mike hurries off, and we sit down on the couch.

After a few moments Zac turns his face to Me. "Gosh I don't even know where to start."

"Me either." I keep my eyes down on my lap. I have my bag still in my hands and I play with the light blue leather straps between my fingers.

"I'm really proud of you. The contract, the tour. I'm so glad the whole country is going to see how amazing you are." He sys softly.

"Thank you. I want you to know something, I decided that on my own. And I'm sticking with it, whatever happens with us." I say.

"Of course darling, I want you to. I did question your choices. I know he's offered you your own show before, and I thought you said no because of me. Now I see you didn't, you just weren't ready. I'm sorry I didn't trust you". He is looking at his hands now.

"I love the way our lives were going. I know you expected me to hate us being apart, but having both of us do what we love makes it ok. Good, even. I am never going to be the one following you around just so we can be together. If that's what you want-" I say.

"It's not what I want. What I want is you. My Harriet. The one who is sometimes too busy being excited for both of our careers that she forgets to miss me. My feelings haven't changed, I want you to be my wife. But my thinking has changed, and I realise I was pushing you. I knew I was pushing you to succeed, I didn't know I was pushing you away in the process, and I'm sorry for that. I thought I knew

better, and it turns out I don't." He takes a shaky breath. "I need to tell you something else. Elizabeth drove me home last night. We had dinner here and when we were watching television she kissed me. I stopped her, but I thought you should know."

I can't hold it back anymore, I put my face in my hands and let tears flow from my eyes. Zac reach to put his arm around me but hesitated. He is afraid I will pull away. "I have no feelings toward her at all, we're just friends. You've always trusted me before, and I’ve trusted you. Please believe me." I nod without looking up.

"Harri, look at me. Please." I slowly lift my head and turned my body toward him, allowing him to take my hands in his. For the first time he notice I am not wearing my necklace and tears fall down his cheeks again as he looks into my eyes, falling to his knees. "I love you. More than I can find the words to say. I want you to be my wife, my partner, the mother of our children, my equal. I want to be by your side, watching you shine and succeed, on the end of the phone hearing about your day, and the man you come home to. You asked me to think about what I want. What I want, is you. Harriet please marry me."

I bite my lip to steady it. "I love you, Zac. And I want more than anything to be your wife, so yes, yes I’ll be honered to marry you." I put my arms around his neck and he pulls me onto his lap, holding me close against him, letting my tears fall on his shoulder. 

 "You don't know how happy that makes me baby, I am sorry I don't have a ring, but I hadn't planned this, I promise to get you one". He say, kissing me softly.

I pull away and reached for my bag, pulling my necklace out of the zip pocket. "This will have to do for now". Zac takes it from my hand and slide it gently around my neck, locking it in place.

"Better". He says, wiping tears from my cheek. He leaned in slowly and kisses my lips, gentle and soft. He runs his tongue across my bottom lip and probed for mine when I part my lips. 

 After a few minutes he rests his forehead on mine and closes his eyes. "I've missed you so much darling. Not talking to you was torture."

"Me too. I'm sorry, baby. I love you."


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