The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


6. Captain Hammered


*Harri POV*

It was Sunday night and I was out for a drink with my friend Ben, who had decided to see if

he could get the bar woman's phone number. Unfortunately she was proving a

tough nut to crack, so I checked my facebook and twitter feeds on my phone, then

decided to play with Zac and texted him

I hadn't spoken to him since I'd told him about my meeting at the gallery

tomorrow, and I was incredibly nervous (both about the gallery and meeting Zac

in person) and maybe just little bit tipsy.


'Having fun. 'I began




'I asked if you were having fun. PS Don't drink too much before the show, will


'How do you know where I am?'


'You just popped up in my twitter feed. Love the hair, by the way, you've gota

real retro- Brylcreem vibe going on. Looks good with the penguin suit.'


'I should have quessed. Yes, I am enjoyinq myself, and thanks'


'Are uou nominated?'


'Of course, darling. I'm not just a pretty face'


'Well good luck. Try not to do a JLaw or Gwyneth Paltrow if you win'


'Thank you, and I'll do my best.'


'Seriously, good luck. Ill leave you alone now to enjoy yourself.'Then I added.

'But text me if you win!'


'Will do, darling'


I had nothing to do then, so I continued looking through my twitter feed, then I

checked my notifications, answering a smattering of questions about my work

until Ben finally decided to give up and returned to the table. I could have told

him I thought she was gay, but where is the fun in that?

"How'd you do?" I asked him

"She says she's gay," he muttered.

"You're turning women gay now!" I shook my head. "Oh well, at least you still

have me".

He rolled his eyes. "Great."

"Oh, snap out of it, you've only been single a month. I've been single for two


"There was Graham-"

I held my hand out, palm facing him. "We don't talk about Graham. Graham 

has been erased from living memory and if you ever bring him  up again, 

I will personally give you a new piercing, using anexceptionallv dirty needle. Got it!"

"I was only saying!" He held his hands up in surrender. "Besides, I told you he

was a tosser."

"Yes, you did, and I used to love you because you never said 'I told you so. Now

that you've said it, im afraid I no longer love you.”

"All right, fine, but even I didn't think he'd steal your jewellery".

"Jokes on him," I shrugged as if it meant nothing to me. "It had sentimental value

but no monetary value. He'd have had to pay someone to take it off his hands."

My phone beeped and I looked down to see a text from Captain Hammer.


'I won!'


I smiled as I replied. 'I never doubted it, darling. Congratulations.'I also added a

picture of a hedgehog in a party hat with a teeny banner saying



'Thank you, that's very cute'


'Bit like you then.' Was it okay to call guys cute?


"What are you smiling for?" Ben asked.

"A really ugly friend of mine just pulled this really hot girl," I answered


'What are you up to?' Zac texted.


'Playing wing woman to a newly singlefriend.'


Ben sat up straighter. "Where is he? I might have more luck in his pub."

"First, you invited me out tonight and have done nothing but ignore me and

secondly, he isn't at a pub, he's at the Stables center."


'Sounds like fun.' Zac texted.


"Sunday night at the Stable center ?" he said with a sneer. "It's probably a

seventy year old in with a hair net and blue rinse."


'It's really not. Now go celebrate while I do my best to find someone desperate

enough to shag my friend'


I didn't bother to correct Ben. "Okay, let's drink up and we'll head to the Archer,

see if we can't find you a warm body for the night."

Ben immediately brightened. "You're the best wing woman ever!"

"I know."


Zac replied as we were walking out. 'Good luck with that'


'Thanks. I'll need it!;)'


Much later:


'Thx fir texting me, was nice to here from U'


Was Zac drunk? It was nearly 2am and Zac never made spelling mistakes. 'No

problem, Zac, I'm pleased for you'

Luckily for me, I'm a bit of a night owl so he hadn't woken me.


'My lass girlfriend never botherd. I don't thin she cared.'


Yep, drunk

'She sucks. My last boyfriend stole my jewellery, including a paste rink that

belonged to my Great Grandmother.'


'I'll kill him for you, if you want. I know the next James Blonde and he has a liscence to



I liked drunk Zac. 'Thanks, but I have no idea where he is.'


'Polly best.'


What? Oh, he means 'probably best'

'Yep. where are you?' I hoped he wasn't planning on driving anywhere.


'At home. I couldn't want until tomorrow to talk to you again.'


'I'm looking forward to it too. Congratulations about your win tonight, but now

I really have to go to bed. I need my beauty sleep because I'm meeting a

Hollywood actor tomorrow.'


'Is that so? Well I hope he don't steel your jewels.'


'I hope so too. Night Zac.'


'Night, dalek'


I laughed. He was probably going to be mortified when he read through this

discussion again

'Good night, Captain Hammered.'












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