The accidential Hacker

Harriet is a struggling painter.. One day she accidentially hacks into someone computer and it turns her whole life upside down


15. A hot shower


 *Harri POV*

 Saturday morning. I groan and rolled over, finding Zac stretched out on his back next to me with an arm above his head. I lay my head on his chest.

"So tomorrow morning-" He starts saying, but I cut him off.

"Isn't going to happen. The world is going to end tonight and we'll die happily ever after." I smile against his skin.

"I was going to suggest you drive the Nissan home for me, but I like your version better." I was so distracted by the glorious sound of his voice under my ear that I didn't realise what he had said.

"Wait, what? You want me to come to the airport?" I lift my head, I must have heard wrong.

"Uh, yes. If vou want to." He looks a bit confused.

"To LAX. With Zachary Levi. Surely no one will notice." I roll my eyes at him. "Sorry I didn't think of that, I'm so used to it it's just part of life for me."

"I'd like to, I just thought you'd rather not have all the questions when you get back." I say softly.

"Come with me. You don't have to get out of the car, but one appearance isn't going to cause too much trouble". He pulls my face up to kiss my mouth hungrily. "They'll assume your my assistant, unless you want to tell people otherwise".

"Do you kiss all your assistants like that?"

"Yeah, but only the female ones get the naked treatment." He winks at me and I kiss him again, laying myself on top of him, making him ask. "What are you up to?"

"Getting the naked treatment". I kiss behind his ear and down his neck, making him squirm under me. Encouraged, I continue down his chest and abdomen, feeling his erection press into me. His legs is splayed out and I lay down between his thighs, eyeing his magnificent naked body. I stroked the smooth skin of his cock with my fingertip and is rewarded with a clear salty droplet which I eagerly lick off. I suck the pink tip into my mouth, circling it with my tongue. Zac moan and tangled his hands in the sheets. I lick all the way up his shaft before taking the tip and half his length into my mouth and sucking hard. 

I slowly sucked up and down, taking in slightly more each time and running my tongue around the head. He tastes salty. He tasted good. Moving up a little I run a hand over his chest, rolling his nipple between my thumb and finger. I can hear his breathing become more raspy. I continue my assault on his body and move my other hand to firmly stroke up and down the base of his shaft. 

He is holding back from thrusting up to me and breathing rapidly. "Baby stop." Nope I won't. "Darling! Oh god, baby."

I just suck harder and feel him buck under me as he reaches his climax, gasping hard. I trail my tongue back up and kisses his neck, resuming my position on top of him and kissing his mouth slowly, letting my tongue explore every inch of his. He opens his eyes and looked into mine. "Wow. You are... a goddess." He easily flips me over onto my back, kissing along my jawline and down to my breast, sucking on the

erect nipple and flicking it with his tongue. I whimper when he suddenly stood up "Where are you going?"

"Shower". He says over his shoulder. "Want to save some water?" I jump up off the bed and follow him to the bathroom.

He already has the water running, and he presses me against the shower wall while the warm water flows down over his body. He holds my hands above my head with one hand, the other behind my head as he kisses me deeply. 

 Keeping my hands in place he kisses over my neck, using the other hand to gently graze over my folds and my breath gets caught in my throat. "Don't move," he whispers in my ear and pulls away to lather his hands with creamy body wash. 

Zac starts with my neck and chest, pulling me slightly off the wall to cover my shoulders and back, eyeing every inch of my smooth skin hungrily. He moves down to my waist, navel and hips, kneeling on the floor and massaging my backside and thighs firmly. Lathering his hands again he smooth the soft bubbles slowly over my right leg down to my toes, continuing with the other leg and foot, never

taking his hands and eyes off me. 


*Zac POV*

She is exquisite and I want to remember every detail of her beautiful soft skin. I move her under the stream of water and she let it run over her, soaking her long hair and taking away the body wash. I know she is throbbing in readiness for me and she reach down to take my erection in her hand.

That is all the encouragement I need. I pick her up by the legs and wrap them around my waist, lowering her onto my shaft and pinning her against the wall. 

 There is no feeling better than being buried inside her, and I relish the feeling for a couple of moments, before starting to move, hearing the sexy sound of her soft moans.


*Harri POV*

 I realise that I can't move, can't thrust or grind against him, I have no control at all. I kiss his mouth urgently while he slides himself so so slowly in and out of me, urging him to go faster and ease the ache pooling inside me. He don't. He continues his slow torture, occasionally circling my clit with the same agonising lack of speed. 

 I try pulling his hips into me but he gently removes my hands and continued his sweet slow torment. After what seems like hours I can't take any more and groan loudly into his mouth. "Zac."

"Yes baby."


He stops for a moment, looking into my eyes with a devilish grin on his face. Pulling almost out of me, he slams his whole length inside. I am somewhere between pain and pleasure and has absolutely no control over his movements and as he picks up his pace, pushing deep inside me, I feel my climax building like never before. 

 Zac must be feeling me beginning to tighten around him and he increases his speed slightly, his own orgasm clearly approaching. I feel myself shudder around him as I pull him deeper inside, almost screaming as I finally find my release. With one last thrust he joins me, pinning me tightly against the wall as he explod inside me.

After a moment he turns off the water and carries me to the bedroom, laying me gently on the bed and lay down next to me, pulling me back into him and holding my back tight against his front to catch his breath.





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