WARNING: This book contains death and blood. And swearing...
Cursed from the second they formed, Imagine Dragons have always managed to hide it from the world. The curse turns them all into red-eyed killers, but so far no-one knows. And all those who did know are all dead....
New-girl Katya has always been a massive Imagine Dragons fan. When they come to her school, it's a dream come true...until it all turns into a nightmare.
The curse takes over whilst Imagine Dragons are in Katya's class, and she and all her classmates are kidnapped and, weirdly enough, transported into the Thunder music video-except everyone they meet is trying to kill them.
It's up to Katya to break the curse for good...How hard can it be with a group of cursed killers on your heels?


1. Chapter 1

The first part of this story is based on a dream my best friend told me about. The rest is what I built off their dream. Enjoy what will probably be the weirdest fan fiction on Movellas :) 

I wake in the morning when my alarm goes off. I groan inside and force myself to get out of bed. The first thing I see, like every morning, is the shelf of Imagine Dragons albums and posters that are proudly displayed on the wall opposite my bed. I absolutely love Imagine Dragons.

I dress in jeans and an Imagine Dragons t-shirt and put my phone and headphones in my bag. The worst thing about moving schools almost without warning is that you don't have the uniform. I stick out too much for me to blend in. I've only been in Eveleigh High for a few days. I touch up my face with a bit of makeup and pull my messy blonde hair up into a bobble. I don't look amazing, but at least I look ok.

At school, it's at least another ten minutes before I make it to my first class-I get hopelessly lost. When I finally turn up, everyone's eyes are on me. I feel my face start to burn. I walk to the back of the class and slink down in an empty seat, hoping to go unnoticed. That's a bit hard when you are tall and late and the new girl. The teacher drones on and on and I zone out, as bored as everyone else looks. I catch one of the boys looking at me, and blush a little. He's good-looking, with dark eyes and caramel-colored hair. I smile at him and he smiles back before the teacher tells him to turn back around and focus.

Halfway through the class, the teacher starts to look a little flushed and excited. I don't know why. I've long pulled my earphone buds (I carry round earphones and headphones, so I can zone out in class easily. I've never been caught.) up through the inside of my t-shirt and inserted them in my ears. Suddenly all of the class is looking at me. I tug the wires out of my ears, confused.

"Well, seeing as Katya already knows what we are doing, she can come up and solve the problem," the teacher says, and I realize that she must have asked me a question. Blushing a bright red, I have no choice but to get up and solve the impossible question on the board. As I pass the door, I see a shadow move past. Four shadows, one taller than the rest. My heart thuds harder. I stare at the question on the board and force my blank mind to try to make some sense of it. I never have to answer the question.

The door opens and Imagine Dragons walk into the classroom.

My heart flips and almost stops, and I go even redder. I'm suddenly speechless. My mind is the blankest it's ever been. I feel like I'm falling, and it's only when Dan Reynolds catches me that I realize that I did fall.

"You alright?" he asks me. Some of the girls look envious, surprized, and are looking at me with a whole new level of respect.

"Oh my god," I whisper. I nod then run back to my seat. The class is definitely paying attention now. Some of them look confused, but most of them look excited. I wish I had some way to hide my t-shirt. I notice how faded it is through multiple washes, and how old my jeans are. I also notice how dirty and battered my Converse sneakers are. I wish I had spent a little longer on my hair and make-up; my hair is a total mess, half of it escaping from the bobble. I pull it all back up, but that's all I can do. Some of the girls look at me excitedly.

"OMG, he spoke to you!! He touched you!!"

"Oh god oh god oh god oh god Imagine Dragons are actually here oh god oh god oh god oh GOD!!!"

I feel dazed and deliriously happy.

I don't think I need to mention that Imagine Dragons are my biggest inspiration (or should that be inspirations?) and that my heroes have just seen me at my worst, red-faced and like every other fangirl.

I am so embarrassed.

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