The Leaky Cauldron

When Harry, Hermoine, and Ron decide to go to The Leaky Cauldron, they come face to face with Draco Malfoy, who wants to be the most powerful wizard of them all.


16. Trouble at Hogwarts


Harry Potter awoke the next morning. The sun was bright, as all of the wizard students were prepared for the new day. "We have Charms with Filius Flitwick", he told him. As he stared at the Gryffindor banner, they got dressed. Then Ron opened the door. Once they were outside, Neville Longbottom was holding his wand. "Illuminate!", he yelled. When the wand illuminated the dim hallway, he smiled. "It never does that", he sighed. Harry Potter nodded. "You have to practice, Neville". Neville nodded. "But I do practice". He wore his Gryffindor robe; he walked in his cheap black boots. The three wizards arrived at the last door on the right. Draco Malfoy stopped near the door. He grinned maliciously; he smirked. "Potter!​ I don't think you'd help out Neville". Harry Potter gripped his wand that he had bought from Garrick Ollivander in Diagon Alley. Neville nodded. "​Draco, leave him alone​", he ordered. Draco took his wand out. He aimed it  at Harry. "​Statue!​", he yelled. Harry Potter couldn't move. Draco grinned. He was about to use more dark magic when Professor Severus Snape arrived. "What's going on here, Draco?", he asked him. "Potter wanted Neville to have a new wand, Professor", Draco answered. "Potter...move!​". "He can't Professor Snape; he used dark magic to turn Harry into a statue", Ron said. "Is that true, Draco?". "Yes", he said. "Fifty points away from Slytherin house. No first year students of magic shall use dark magic at Hogwarts. I dreamed of being Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher when I was a student; I was prevented by Professor Dumbledore. But that's a long time ago. Release the wizard from the statue spell​", he shouted. Seconds later, Harry Potter relaxed. Draco was forced back into the deep the Professor rang his father and told him of his son's detention.


"There are a lot of wizards and witches who use magic charms. And they are in different colours, too. Now, which charm is this...?", he asked them. "It's a Love Charm, Professor", Hermoine answered. "True. Over the centuries, love charms have been used to ward off evil. Now, can you name this charm?", Professor Flickwick enquired. "I can, Professor. It's a Dwarf Charm. It's used by my kind over the centuries. Of course, no one can acrutally buy it; no one can use it for ill means because only dwarves can use it".

"Not all dwarves are nice", Crabbe giggled.

"Quiet, Crabbe!", Goyle said.

And he shook his he wondered what happened to Draco Malfoy.


After the class was over, Harry, Ron, Hermoine, Fred, and George Weasley headed out of the room. When he saw Gilderoy Lockhart, the renowned teacher and author, smiled at him. "Come inside! Everyone, welcome to the Defense Against the Dark Arts class". When everyone walked through the door, he closed it. Then he begun to teach them.

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