The Leaky Cauldron

When Harry, Hermoine, and Ron decide to go to The Leaky Cauldron, they come face to face with Draco Malfoy, who wants to be the most powerful wizard of them all.


6. Dinner


Draco Malfoy shivered in the harsh cold. He saw the Bloody Baron's framed picture. "Password", the ghost said. "Slytherin", he said. The Baron grinned, and let Draco inside. He looked around to see if he was spied on. Satisfied, he saw Crabbe and Goyle stuffing themselves with doughnuts. "You're always hungry Goyle. Crabbe, you're the same. Where's Potter?", he asked them. "In the Dining Rooms with Oliver, Ron, and Hermoine", Crabbe answered him. "I thought so. I need a book from the library". Crabbe who had cake on his face. "Hurry up, Draco. Flich will be patrolling the dark halls with Mrs. Norris", Goyle stated. Draco was about to say something when Argus Filch stared at the Slytherin students. "Well, look at you three. Away from the halls for dinner, right". Draco smirked. "I need a potions book for Professor Snape's class tomorrow". Mrs. Norris hissed at them. "Ten points away from Slytherin house", Filch said. "You can't do that. Father will be talking to Professor Snape about you". He stared at Crabbe and Goyle; they didn't say anything. Draco forced himself towards the library. He grabbed a book called Deadly Potions ​by Christopher L. Grimes. Then he headed to the Dining Room with his friends, and took his seat that was empty for him to sit down on.


Harry Potter didn't grin.

He saw Draco Malfoy was at his seat. Suddenly Professor Dumbledore tapped his wand in his right hand. "Ladies and Gentlemen. As you know First Years aren't allowed to go to the Forbidden Forest. After dinner all students will go to their dorms. Hagrid will show you there if you're lost. Now, let's eat".


After dinner Harry Potter's scar burned.

"Argh!", he said.

"What's the matter, Harry?", Ron asked him.

"I'm not sure. Something is going to happen, but I don't know what it is", he answered. Hermoine stopped chatting to Cho Chang.

"Harry, what's the matter?".

"Open the the door​", Harry Potter whispered. He blinked his eyes. Something was happening, but he didn't know what it was.

"Let's go exploring after dinner", Ron said.

And he nodded.



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