The Leaky Cauldron

When Harry, Hermoine, and Ron decide to go to The Leaky Cauldron, they come face to face with Draco Malfoy, who wants to be the most powerful wizard of them all.


13. Diagon Alley

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Hagrid stared at the dark alleyways of Diagon Alley. He walked towards the brighter sections of the place where wizards shopped before the attended Hogwarts. Harry Potter, Ron, and Hermoine, were dressed in their Gryffindor robes to keep warm. "So, Draco Malfoy was at The Leaky Cauldron". Harry Potter nodded. "I wanted to go shopping today because next year will be tougher than this years". He stopped at a store that read: "​Magical healing herbs​". Hermoine opened the front door...and went inside.


The three wizards saw a bright light. Inside a small elf woman with pointed ears stared at them. "Is there anything you like? Ah, Harry Potter. It's an honour to meet you. Edwina Markham. I attended Hogwarts a long time ago; I got enough money to finance this shop. Hermoine, dear, it's nice to meet you again. And Ron, not all herbs are bad". Ron grinned. "I only need herbs if I'm injured". He sighed. Hagrid ducked his head underneath the front door. "I'll be back Edwina in two hours". He left the store...and walked away to attend other business.


Hermoine saw a herb she loved. "I'll get that one, Edwina. ​Night Thorns​. It helps you heal from any kind of thorn that attaches to your legs, or arms". Edwina nodded. "That'll be three gold coins". Hermoine took out a small bag of gold coins. "Thank you, Hermoine". Ron walked down a small part of the store. Suddenly he saw something odd. ​Slytherin Wood Mist​ was on a black bottle. "I'm sure I don't need that​", he said. Edwina headed towards him. "I married F. L. Markham, a evil wizard who wore the dark mark. He followed Lord Voldemort. He left me after twenty years of marriage; he told me that he wanted a store that had everything. And this is it. Of course, he passed away three years ago from a heart attack". Ron nodded. "Is there anything else that I can buy, Edwina?", he asked her. "​Red wizard's robes​. Ten gold coins". He gazed at the tattered grey ones that his mother bought him. "That's too much". "How about eight gold coins?". Harry Potter stared at her. He took out twenty gold coins. Ron smiled. "You don't have to...", he said. "A wizard needs to look like a wizard". Harry said. Ron saw a magic mirror. "Oh, I look grand in the robes". Edwina smiled. "I hear that James and Lilly Potter wanted their only son to have a lot of money before their untimely deaths. Lily and I were best friends. We had a falling out once I married my husband; I bought the store for all wizards". Harry nodded. "All I remember is of Lord Voldemort...and feeling pain on my forehead when I was a baby". Edwina nodded. Suddenly they saw three Hufflepuff wizards talking by themselves; they stopped speaking...then one of them, Patsy Long, glared at Hermoine. "Oh, look, Stacie, Brenda. It's Hermoine Granger. And Ron Weasley. And...Harry Potter!". Harry shrugged his shoulders. "Do I know you?", Harry asked. "I'm Patsy Long, the seeker for Hufflepuff house". He nodded. The three girl wizards walked to the mirror. "How much is the mirror, Edwina?", Stacie said. "One hundred and fifty gold coins. It was used by my husband", Edwina told her. "That's too expensive". Suddenly Draco Malfoy appeared at the store. He grinned, as he saw Harry Potter. "Potter!​ How're you doing with the mud-bloods?", he asked him. Hermoine gasped. "Be quiet, Draco. Your kind isn't worth any gold coins at Hogwarts". Draco stared at the mirror. He saw himself as the Minister of Magic. "How much is for the ancient mirror?", he asked her. "Almost two hundred gold coins", Edwina said. Draco, who wore green robes, shook his head. Seconds later, Lucius Malfoy arrived at the shop. "Is there anything you like, Draco?". "Yes, Father. The mirror". Lucius gasped. "So, it's true! The famous mirror of Shades". And he took out a bag. "Here's three hundred gold coins for the mirror...and for anything Draco wants". Hermoine, Ron, Harry, Patsy, Stacie, and Brenda, shivered. "Of course, Lucius. Is there something you like for yourself?". He glided in his black robe towards a stand that was covered in tattered cloths. "I'll buy those. They're shifting cloths; they're magical ones". "Fifteen gold coins", Edwina said. "Done!", Edwina said. And Lucius clapped his hands. Four other dark wizards appeared. "What's the matter, Lucius?", Shylock Longstreet asked. "Take the mirror of shades to my once! And don't break it! If you do, I'll take you to Lord Voldemort myself!", he said angrily. "Yes, Lucius", Shylock uttered. Draco opened the front door. Once the mirror was taken away towards a old van, Draco and Lucius Malfoy headed to their Manor with the greatest prize of them all.


Hagrid stared at Harry Potter.

"Harry, what happened?", he asked him.

"Draco has the Mirror of Shades", he answered him.

"That mirror is evil. No one should get it. Lucius Malfoy must've gotten it for him". He Hermoine and Ron. "Let's go back to Hogwarts before Argus Filch takes more points off you three. And for you girls, come with us". Patsy, Stacie, and Brenda they headed out of Diagon Alley. They reached to the boat that lead to Hogwarts Castle...where a gloomy darkness descended on the town.




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