Sex Story

Tess is a teenage girl and all she wants to do is have sex. She meets a boy at a party with the same interests, and he appears to be nice- But can she trust him?


3. Pleasure at his house

Tess' POV


A few nights later, I showed up at Lucas' house for our first date. I knocked on the door and he opened it. My eyes widened as he was completely naked. I was wearing a tight blue dress with black heels. He smirked. "What?" He said, pulling me inside and closing it and locking it behind me. I looked at him. "You want to do this again that quickly?" I said. He shrugged. "I wasn't thinking of actually having sex tonight...I was hoping you would just give me pleasure." He said, smirking. I looked at him. "I thought we were going out to dinner or something.... Isn't that why you told me to dress nice?" He shook his head. "I just wanted to see exactly how sexy you look wearing a dress. And how quickly I could take it off." He said. 

I looked at him. "Well....OK then. So how sexy do I look?" I said. He smirked. "Pretty fucking sexy. So as a reward, you get pleasure tonight too. You're being a good girl for daddy." Lucas said. I nodded. "I like the sound of that." I said. "Let's get started." 

I took him upstairs to his bedroom and had him lay down on the bed. I first climbed on top of him, sitting on his lap. I started to slowly grind against him. "Mmmmmm faster sexy." He said. I grinded faster, feeling him start to go hard underneath me. "Shit don't stop! Faster!" He moaned. I grinded as fast and hard as I could, feeling him go hard as a rock underneath me. "Oh damn I'm in heaven." He moaned. 

I smirked and started the real pleasure trip by nibbling on his ear. Then I started to suck on his neck on his sweet spot, getting more moans out of him. Then I moved to his chest and started to lick and suck all around there, too. I got more moans out of him for that, then moved to the part I'm best at.

I trailed light kisses from his chest to his legs and all around his cock. He moaned even louder. "Tess..." He moaned. "Yes, baby?" I said. "Don't fuckin stop!" He moaned as I kept kissing all around. Then I grabbed onto his dick and jerked it. Then I gave it a tug and began to stroke it. The moans started spilling from his mouth.

Next I licked the tip of his cock, then licked all the way down his shaft, as he kept moaning. Then I went to the last part. I put some of his dick into my mouth, then inserted more and more in until I shoved all of it in and sucked hard. He moaned and pushed my head further down on his cock, shoving it further down my throat. I sucked as hard as I could as he moaned loud, gripping the edges of the bed. "TESS" He moaned. "That's right baby say my name sexy." I said as I took his dick out of my mouth for a second, then shoved it back in and sucked as hard as I could. "TESS TESS TESS" He moaned. 

I took his now wet cock out of my mouth and smirked, looking at him. "You're so fuckin awesome." He said, sitting up. "I know. I've got practice." I said, smirking more. "Now its my turn." He nodded. "Lay down baby."

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