Camp of Legend Part 4

When Bobbi Carter and her friends arrive at Camp Crystal Lake for the hot summer, they face Jason Voorhees, who is still alive.


3. Epilogue


Bobbi saw Jason Voorhees.

"We have to​", she said.

And, as they fled Camp Crystal Lake, Jason stood like a soldier. He waved the hammer high in the cold, biting, air; he swung it towards her.

Bobbi kicked him in the right hand.

Jason dropped the hammer. It clunked onto the hard ground. Seconds later, the campers headed to the vehicles. As they headed away from Camp Crystal Lake, the freezing weather continued to dump the heavy rain on the old cabins.


Jason was angry.

He warmed his hands by the fireplace.

By seven o'clock PM, he was hungry. He headed out of the cabins. He grabbed some cans of food in his hands from the kitchen. After he got several cans in his hands, he left the hammer on the hard ground. Then, in the rain, he walked to the old shack...and closed the front door.

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