Camp of Legend Part 4

When Bobbi Carter and her friends arrive at Camp Crystal Lake for the hot summer, they face Jason Voorhees, who is still alive.


2. Camp of Legend


Bobbi saw the new campers.

Greg smiled, as they greeted them.

"Hello, I'm Bobbi. This is Greg. We're the camp counsellors. Once everyone's settled in a cabins, all of you can go exploring in the lake...and the woods. If there's any other questions, let us now. We'll be in the office", Bobbi said; Greg grabbed the keys in his right hand...and opened the office door.


Jenny walked to cabin 3. She was nervous. Something irked her. She looked at the deep water of the glistening lake; she imagined hearing the cries of Jason Voorhees shouting: "​Help me! Help me! Help me!​". She started to scream...and fled the lake before she broke down in tears. "What's the matter?", Ian asked her. "I heard the sound of Jason yelling in the water. He was eleven when he drowned in 1957", Jenny said. Ian, Kelli, Richard, and Carl, rushed towards her.

"Is something wrong?", Kelli asked.

"I had a bad feeling about Jason Voorhees. He's alive", Kelli answered them.

"How do you know?", Ian said.

"His mother, Pamela Sue Voorhees, dragged him out of the water. He was a bad swimmer. All of the children teased him about that-including Barry and Claudette, the seventeen year old camp counsellors who were dating each other, and ignored Jason. When they fell victim to Pamela in the hot summer of 1958, (a year later), it was the start of the death curse that plagued Camp Crystal Lake for decades. No one knew that Pamela had committed arson in 1959; or poisoned the water in 1960. Afterwards, due to a loss of $60,000, the Christy family sadly closed the camp. In the summer of 1977, twenty-seven year old Steve Christy, and his girlfriend, Alice Hardy, then nineteen, financed $25,000 to re-open Camp Crystal Lake. Due to political issues in 1978 that concerned the camp, G. L. Ives, Jr., the forty year old Crystal Lake Mayor, was in full election mode. He forced Steve not to open the camp saying that the camp was doomed from the beginning. He protested to no avail. Then, in the winter of 1979, Christy convinced the Mayor that what happened to Jason and Pamela Sue Voorhees, was a tragedy...and talk of a 'death curse' was trash talk led by scared locals. After convincing Sheriff Earl Tierney that nothing bad will happen, he hoped that the new campers he hired would help the out. Sadly, and inevitably, the only one left alive was Alice Hardy. She was warned by Crazy Ralph. And he rode his old bicycle away from the camp towards town. The rumour was that Jason lived in a shack in the woods with his mother. After she died in 1979, Alice lay in a spare canoe. She dreamed that Jason attacked her. Then, as Sheriff Tierney, Officer Jon Dorf, and other Crystal Lake police officers, arrived on the scene, they took her to hospital in town. When Alice told them that Jason attacked her in her house on August 13, 1979. Afterwards, Jason waited for the campers to arrive to get rid of them if they ever came back again".

"I heard that news. Then, in the summer of 1980, Paul Holt, twenty-five, and Ginny Field, twenty-one, a psychology major, and was dating him, took over as camp counsellors at the Crystal Lake Training Centre which was across the lake only 500 meters away from the cabins", Ian said. "And", Kelli added.

"And they were eager to tell the campers that nothing bad would happen. Unfortunately, Jason Voorhees got his revenge. In the end, Ginny pretended to be Pamela Sue Voorhees. In the end, she survived, and was taken to Crystal Lake Hospital; Paul Holt suffered minor injuries, was also taken to hospital. Both of them failed to inform Sheriff Tierney that Jason was alive. The matter is much deeper than anyone expected". Ian walked to the spacious kitchen. He poured himself a cup of water, and drank it. Once his talk was over, he continued the camp of legend story..."In the summer of 1980, twenty-one year old Chris Higgins, and her friends, were spending the summer at Camp Crystal Lake. She, and her boyfriend, Rick Martins, twenty-three, were a on again, off again relationship. According to what she said to police, she saw Jason Voorhees near a oak tree. Jason fled. On Friday, June 13, 1981, Chris, Rick, and her friends, headed to 'Higgins Haven', a retreat near where Camp Crystal Lake used to be situated. In the end, only Chris survived. In the summer of 1983, twelve year old Tommy Jarvis, his seventeen year old sister Trish, and their mother, Amy Jarvis, forty-three, were living in a house that was near the camp. Amy's ex-husband, Tom Jarvis, forty-five, who worked in the United States Army, divorced his wife after fifteen years of marriage, had put a strain on their family. As a result, Tommy was obsessed with horror movies, and books. When Jason came back to camp, the Jarvis family, and more campers, fell victim to him. Rob Dier, a twenty-two year old traveller, had come to Camp Crystal Lake for revenge because his sister, Sandra, was one of Jason's early victims. In the end, he, Trish, and Tommy, fought off Jason after Amy Jarvis was attacked outside her house in the gloom of the heavy rain. Jason eventually died in the house. Tommy was scared. Crystal Lake police officers arrived on the scene. Sheriff Tierney retired after Tommy was taken to the Crystal Lake Children's Mental Hospital where he was treated for the next couple of years.  Over the years, nothing happened. And, afterwards, no one went to the camp for awhile". Bobbi, Carl, Richard, and Jenny digested what Ian had had they headed to the cabins together.


Bobbi shivered.

She remembered the Jason tale. "Let's have some lunch", she said. And, as they all agreed to stay away from the lake, Jason Voorhees held onto his hammer in his right hand...and focused on waiting for the evening to arrive.


Greg cleaned up the food.

He suddenly saw dark clouds overhead. Seconds later, Camp Crystal Lake was drenched in water from the rain. "LET'S GET INSIDE!", he yelled.

And, as the campers followed his orders, they knew one thing was certain.

They were doomed.


Bobbi felt the warmth of the fire. "It's nice", she said.

She gazed at the cheap windows.

"Jason won't be here", Jenny told her.

"Maybe; maybe not", Bobbi said.

"If he's here...", Jenny said.

And they heard the loud sound of thunder, as Camp Crystal Lake's power went off.


"We have to use a flashlight", Carl said. He saw some light outside. He opened the front door with his hands; he struggled to see the archery range. He stared at the Generator Room which was to the left; he saw the cabins to the right. He opened the door. And, as he flicked the bright light in the room, he saw the words: ​DO NOT GO INSIDE UNLESS IT'S WARRANTED. "Is it...", Greg said.

"Yes", Carl stated.

He pressed the red coloured button.

As the whirring of the generator was heard, the campers felt the heat rise in the campgrounds. Carl headed towards the rest of the cabins...and relaxed on the blue sofas in the middle of the camp.


The group of campers were warm.

They were eager to keep still as the fear of Jason Voorhees crept into their psyche. Kelli got dressed in her pink pyjamas; the other campers got dressed in their other pyjamas. "If Jason Voorhees is here, we have to call Sheriff Langley", Kelli said. She walked to the window. Then, as the thunder continued to boom, they waited for him to arrive.


Jason Voorhees's shadow was in the sky. He held onto his hammer in his right hand. He watched the campers in the cabins. Then he made his move...leaving Bobbi to yell as she saw his masked face in the growing darkness of Camp Crystal Lake.


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