4. Chapter 3


Elle's POV

I noticed that I seemed to make him nervous and I kinda liked it. His unnatural red hair was sticking out and his eye brow piercing was shining under the light. I smiled slowly and leaned forward, leaning my arms on my desk. "I usually do. Why do you ask?


Ashton's POV

I smiled and let my eyes sweep over her. She was simply beautiful, everything about her, and I was very intrigued. I smiled and ran a hand through my golden curls, and my eyes never left hers. "That's all I get?" I said with a lopsided grin? "What's your name love?"


Camille's POV

"Camille". I say

I recognized his accent but I didn't ask him. I wondered why he was talking to me. Was it? Nah, look at me no one wants to hang around me. Everyone avoids me look at me, I'm wearing a white t-shirt, black leather jacket, black jeans, boots, my white/sliver hair and a nose piercing everyone stays away from me.

"I'm surprised that you're even talking to me. No one talks to me". I say


Michael's POV

"Just wondering". I say

I turn back around. She was so beautiful that I get nervous every time I see her. I was about to ask Ash if he did his homework when the teacher walked in.

"Okay get your homework out". He says.


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