The story focuses on three families. The Kinnear's, The Millsap's, and the Owen's. All different. They live very different lifestyles. Albert Kinnear the Librarian, who's parents came from Swindon but live in Pinetree Gardens, his father Jack is an engineer. He is a keen gardener and Pigeon fancier. Albert meets the daughter of Charlie and Elizabeth Millsap. They live on Kenton Road, in a bought property. He also is a pigeon man who has wangled his way into a chairman's job. he is a welder down the docks. No one is good enough for their daughter and they resent the relationship between Laura and Albert. Then there is William Owen(Willick) a roofing builder who lives in Cedarwood Avenue with two son's and a daughter. Alan is a jack the lad; he will sleep with any woman given the chance. Harry the youngest is a joiner and the brains in the family. Evelyn his daughter is twenty five and her father is pushing her to meet a man and get married so he can have grandchildren.


31. 31

This is going to be really nice once we get it the way we want it.


Later that evening Laura came to have a look at the place. She didn’t like the wallpaper in the bedrooms or the living room so they looked through a catalogue at the various wallpapers “Decaflair” had on offer. “My dad can decorate this for us said Laura. “You can give him a hand to paste and he will teach you how to do it so the next time you’ll be able to do it yourself.’

I’m good at painting so that won’t be a problem. Well the glossing has been done so there’s just the wallpapering to do.

“I will go and choose the carpets I want and I’m sure my dad will help us buy some furniture. I will not be having second hand things in here mind Albert. What I want will be bought new.

“We are meant to be saving up to get married.’

“Let my father take care of that, it’s his duty, he’s got money put away. I am his only daughter he’ll make sure we have a good wedding.’

Albert went into the shed in the back and found step ladders, a folding table to paste wallpaper and some scissors. He brought them through and set them up in the living room.’

“I have left paper marks in the catalogue so my mother can go and buy the wallpaper tomorrow. You and dad can make a start tomorrow night. It won’t take long. My dad is an expert you know, he wallpapers our whole house in just a day. This will be a lot easier because there’s no furniture to move.’ On Saturday after work I will go and choose my furniture. We won’t have to go into debt, I have savings.’

“I cannot allow you to buy all the furniture; my parents will help out too you know.’

That’s good. I want this house spotless and ready for the furniture by next Friday afternoon.’

“There will be no muddy shoes or boots coming in here once the new shag pile is down on the floor.’ “I am not paying out my hard earned cash from Marks and Spencer’s for someone to ruin them with dirt.’

“I will have a look in Fenwick’s shop on Thursday after work, its late night shopping so I can chose our bedroom and kitchen furniture.

“My dad and I are bringing my bed over tomorrow.’

“You can put that in the guest room Albert, I want a new bed.’

“But it is new, my mother bought it only last year for me.’ 

“I told you Albert, it’s my way or not at all.’

“Alright Laura if that’s what you want.’ “We are going to be skint for a while but by this time next year we will be back on our feet again.’

“You can work overtime can’t you?’

Yes, but we will get some time together won’t we.’

“Not until we have paid for this furniture Albert; I won’t have debt around my ears.’

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