The story focuses on three families. The Kinnear's, The Millsap's, and the Owen's. All different. They live very different lifestyles. Albert Kinnear the Librarian, who's parents came from Swindon but live in Pinetree Gardens, his father Jack is an engineer. He is a keen gardener and Pigeon fancier. Albert meets the daughter of Charlie and Elizabeth Millsap. They live on Kenton Road, in a bought property. He also is a pigeon man who has wangled his way into a chairman's job. he is a welder down the docks. No one is good enough for their daughter and they resent the relationship between Laura and Albert. Then there is William Owen(Willick) a roofing builder who lives in Cedarwood Avenue with two son's and a daughter. Alan is a jack the lad; he will sleep with any woman given the chance. Harry the youngest is a joiner and the brains in the family. Evelyn his daughter is twenty five and her father is pushing her to meet a man and get married so he can have grandchildren.


253. 253

showing their boarding passes. They were in seats 16 D and E Bobby stored his mother’s hand luggage away then sat down and buckled up.

The film crew arrived at north well brain trauma hospital Michael arrived ahead of time and he sat with Hector’s wife and son around the bed as the crew set up the lights and focussed the cameras. The press wondered in and the question session got underway. Michael refused to comment on how he felt after flooring the former champion.’

“Look Michael snarled I am not here to belittle a man who has been a great champion. We are just grateful that he is making a recovery.’

“So what does the future hold for you now Hector; I mean you won’t be allowed to fight again will you?’

The reality of the question sunk in and Hector just looked at him then said, “I have had my time, it is now time to hang my gloves up. Michael Clements is not only a good fighter he is a great man outside of the ring. He has given me his full support since I came here. There are not many like him.’ All those things I said before the fight was just hype, Michael is a gentleman.

“I hope that what happened in our fight won’t deter him from carrying on.’ “We both knew the risks before stepping inside those ropes and it could have been either one of us in here. There will always be work that I can do and I’m sure there are many companies all looking to get me on their books if the price is right of course.’

“Who do you think you will fight next Mickey?’

“I don’t really know the answer to that question but I tell you this, there isn’t a fighter out there that was as good as this man sitting beside me now so bring them on.’

“Are you expecting a hero’s welcome when you get back to England?’

“I am no hero and I am not expecting anything.’

“Where is your belt champ asked Johnny Watson the reporter from the Evening star?’

“It is still in the case where Hector placed it and it will remain in there until I successfully defend this title then you can call me champ. For now I am not worthy of being called champ. The real Champion lies here in this bed.’

Hector laughed and clasped his huge fist around Michaels in a show of sportsmanship.

“Now do you believe me when I tell you that this man will rule the light heavyweight division for the next ten years? You know the best thing to come out of this fight is the love and respect that I have for Michael Clements. I have certainly made a good friend.

“I hope that when Hector is well enough to travel he will come and stay at my house in England with his family as my guests.’

“I look forward to that also my friend.’

“Well ladies and gentleman there you have it. The English gent who came here and took not only the title belt but he is taking back with him a lifelong friend. “Hands across the water gentlemen.’

The cameras snapped away as Michael sat with his arm around Hector Fernandez.

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