The story focuses on three families. The Kinnear's, The Millsap's, and the Owen's. All different. They live very different lifestyles. Albert Kinnear the Librarian, who's parents came from Swindon but live in Pinetree Gardens, his father Jack is an engineer. He is a keen gardener and Pigeon fancier. Albert meets the daughter of Charlie and Elizabeth Millsap. They live on Kenton Road, in a bought property. He also is a pigeon man who has wangled his way into a chairman's job. he is a welder down the docks. No one is good enough for their daughter and they resent the relationship between Laura and Albert. Then there is William Owen(Willick) a roofing builder who lives in Cedarwood Avenue with two son's and a daughter. Alan is a jack the lad; he will sleep with any woman given the chance. Harry the youngest is a joiner and the brains in the family. Evelyn his daughter is twenty five and her father is pushing her to meet a man and get married so he can have grandchildren.


209. 209

“There you are no mess in the car.’

“Susan was regretting not doing the same but had no trainers to change into.’

“I will have to remember to bring a change of shoes next time.’

“So you will be coming again?’

“Oh most definitely, I’ve never had as much fun in a tent as that before.’ And the fishing wasn’t bad either she laughed.

Harry laughed with her as they pulled out of the gate and headed through the village.

“Do you want to stop at the Plough asked Susan?’ I mean it is early and I want to spend a penny and the rest of the day with you.’

“I am looking forward to spending the whole night with you.’

“Easy tiger, you will have to contain yourself until next weekend. Speaking of containers I don’t know how you fitted all that equipment onto that buggy.

“I just make sure of all available space that’s all, just like building a kitchen really.’

“No wonder you are good at what you do.’

Susan parked outside the plough in the village she carefully got out then banged her boots against the wall until all the mud had dropped off before going inside.

The typical country pub had pictures of farmers with animals and driving old tractors.’

The old pub had lime washed walls and oak beams. Several tankards hung up behind the bar.

Susan swathe sign for the ladies and made her way towards it as Harry went to the bar.

“What can I get you sir said the old man who must have been about seventy. He wore a checked shirt with a green tie with a maroon coloured cardigan and he was wearing brown corduroy pants. On his head was a flat cap. He had extremely long sideburns that had long since gone grey and his eyes were blue grey in colour.

“Can I have a pint of your cider please and a coke please

“Would you like ice in your coke?’

“Yes please, and the cider too.’

“The man poured out the “Green Orchard” cider that was brewed on a local farm. It was a sweet tasting brew which Harry liked.’

 The barman poured the coke from a well-known brand then handed them over.’

“One pound eighty five please.’

“It was more expensive than he’d pay at home but he expected it.’

Harry sat in the corner with Susan and in walked Norman Beasley with his wife and the two dogs. They wondered over to be petted by Susan then plonked themselves down on the mat near the open fire.

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