The story focuses on three families. The Kinnear's, The Millsap's, and the Owen's. All different. They live very different lifestyles. Albert Kinnear the Librarian, who's parents came from Swindon but live in Pinetree Gardens, his father Jack is an engineer. He is a keen gardener and Pigeon fancier. Albert meets the daughter of Charlie and Elizabeth Millsap. They live on Kenton Road, in a bought property. He also is a pigeon man who has wangled his way into a chairman's job. he is a welder down the docks. No one is good enough for their daughter and they resent the relationship between Laura and Albert. Then there is William Owen(Willick) a roofing builder who lives in Cedarwood Avenue with two son's and a daughter. Alan is a jack the lad; he will sleep with any woman given the chance. Harry the youngest is a joiner and the brains in the family. Evelyn his daughter is twenty five and her father is pushing her to meet a man and get married so he can have grandchildren.


207. 207

He lifted it up and for the first time in his life gazed down at a woman’s breasts. They were perfect orbs of pleasure his head went down and kissed them and he caressed them. Susan was now breathing hard as she undid the buttons on his trousers and her hand wandered inside and felt him. She smiled at him then asked if he’d brought anything with him.’

No,’ I wasn’t expecting to be doing this.’

“Well I think that we had better stop now don’t you; before we go too far.’

“Susan fastened her bra back up and then lay her head on Harry’s chest.

“She sensed Harry’s frustration and told him that next weekend her father and mother were going to Paris. And that he could come over and stay if he wanted to.’

“I would like that, but what do I tell my mother and father?’

“Tell them that you’re going fishing.’

“Yes I see.’

“So it is settled then, but don’t forget to bring some protection.’

“Are you not on the pill?’

“Yes,’ but they aren’t completely safe.’ My father would kill me if I got pregnant and you too I expect.’

“Our Alan got a girl pregnant and now he’s having to pay her maintenance because he never used protection.’

“What has he got?’

“A little boy called Tom he’s lovely, I was playing with him on the floor.’

“So you are and uncle then.’

“Yes I guess I am.’

Harry opened the flaps of the tent and the sky had darkened over. “It looks like rain, we had better bring the chairs and other stuff in here or it will get soaked. They went outside then picked up what they could and placed it inside of the bivouac. Susan put her sweater back on and then found her cagoule and Harry his fleece lined waterproof. The coat was dual purpose. In hot weather the fleece could be separated from the coat if it wasn’t cold, it was August but it looked like they were going to get a thunder storm.

Once everything was inside the four man tent they got back inside and waited it out and hoped that the bite alarms didn’t go off. They could hear the rumbles of thunder a few miles away and knew it was heading their way sure enough by one o’clock the heavens opened. It was a good job that Harry had put another plastic sheet over the top of the tent because the rain would have seeped through. The thick orange sheet fitted right around the bivvy keeping them dry. It was now very hot inside the tent and Susan took of her cagoule and her sweater and Harry his jacket.

“Well there’s nothing we can do until the rain stops said Harry and he lay back onto his sleeping bag and dropped off again with Susan lying with her arm around him.

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