The story focuses on three families. The Kinnear's, The Millsap's, and the Owen's. All different. They live very different lifestyles. Albert Kinnear the Librarian, who's parents came from Swindon but live in Pinetree Gardens, his father Jack is an engineer. He is a keen gardener and Pigeon fancier. Albert meets the daughter of Charlie and Elizabeth Millsap. They live on Kenton Road, in a bought property. He also is a pigeon man who has wangled his way into a chairman's job. he is a welder down the docks. No one is good enough for their daughter and they resent the relationship between Laura and Albert. Then there is William Owen(Willick) a roofing builder who lives in Cedarwood Avenue with two son's and a daughter. Alan is a jack the lad; he will sleep with any woman given the chance. Harry the youngest is a joiner and the brains in the family. Evelyn his daughter is twenty five and her father is pushing her to meet a man and get married so he can have grandchildren.


177. 177

“Try and imagine that I am in the car with you then.’

“I will see your face everywhere I go Susan.’

It was Susan who was now blushing and she looked beautiful as Harry gazed upon her face. One that would be forever impregnated into his brain.

When the car reached the front of the shop, Harry was sad that she was leaving him until she leaned over and kissed him again then said she would see him on Friday night.’

“He stood with his tool bag as she waved then drove away.’

“Who was that asked Bob and Emma in unison as he entered the shop.’

That’s Susan Hedley.’

“When did you meet her?’

“Just today.’

“She looks like Virginia Madsen.

“Who on earth is she said Emma?’

The actress who was in “Together in Electric Dreams”

“What that song by Phil Oakey and Human League.’

“Yes, she’s gorgeous don’t you think.’

“Who Virginia Madsen?’

“No Susan, you idiot said Harry.’

“She sure had nice hair said Emma.’

“You want to see how blue her eyes are.’

“I do believe that you are smitten Harry Owen.’

“Please don’t tell my brother will you or I will never live it down.’

“Well that depends.’

Depends on what?’

“If she has any pretty friends.’

“Give me a chance will you, we just met this afternoon.’

“Well it didn’t take you long before you were kissing her said Emma sarcastically.’

“I don’t know either said Harry but she has the softest lips I’ve ever kissed.’

“Did you get the money for the job asked Emma?’

She’s paying me on Friday night when I am meeting her for dinner in her dad’s restaurant.’

“Don’t mix pleasure with business.’

“I’m not buying the restaurant Emma, I just fitted a new kitchen at her parent’s home.’

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