Save me

A fan fiction about fall out boy


4. Inconvenient cousins


I had just opened my mouth to say something when a loud object burst through the door. The object, which I assumed to be a person, catapulted himself across the room towards me. I braced myself for impact against this unstoppable force, when it suddenly stopped a few inches away from my face. It turns out it wasn't a random object trying to kill me, but my lovable, infuriating cousin Patrick. As in Patrick Stump, the lead singer of fall out boy. Hard to believe, I know but we were related. We had practically spent every summer as kids together, so we had a strong bond. I'd never really been star struck by him, or the band, but that was partly because i'd never met them. I looked again at brown eyes and put the pieces together. Pete wentz was my angel saviour boy. Oh shit. I felt the blush creeping up my neck as we looked at each other, Pat burbling away in the background. Out of all the boys, Pete was defiantly 'My type'. Funny and good on bass, and now apparently kind and an angel saviour boy, he was completely and utterly out of my league. A vice grip hug from Patrick, making my injuries spark up, brought me back to the present. I disentangled myself gently from him and chose to hold his hand instead. He sat back and beamed at me, an excitable puppy dog grin stretched wide across his face. I smiled weakly back at him. It was good to see family. 


"Pat, I need a favour" I started. He held up his hand to cut me off. 


"Stop right there. I already have clothes for you. Your coming home with us. I rang Kitty. She told us everything." He issued. My stomach dropped. He had talked to Kitty. Kitty was one of my best friends. We used to live together until I moved in with Him, but she always worried. Especially when I'd come into work with a fresh bruise or some broken fingers. She was practically my second mother. I had been on my way to hers when the accident happened. She would've jumped at the offer Patrick made. I rolled my eyes at him, but secretly I was glad. I was never going back to him. Not at all. Not ever. I nodded at Patrick and hung my head in submission. Patrick jumped up and squealed like a school girl. Pete let out a chuckle, and even I started to laugh. His level of excitement was enough to make anyone smile. He reached into his rucksack, which seemed to appear from nowhere. Out of it, he pulled my favourite converse from home, my big hoodie that I loved and my comfiest jeans and t-shirt. He'd obviously gone to Kit's and collected my stuff I'd left the night before. I took the clothes, grateful to have a little piece of home with me. The boys left my room, Pat burbling the entire way. 


Once I was changed, which was a slow and painful progress, I called them back in. Patrick lolled in the room like an excitable dog whereas pete just sauntered along behind. A nurse bustled in after them, looking slightly harassed, probably because patrick had no doubt heckled her to look at me so I could be discharged. Sure enough, she checked all my vitals, then gave me a long and boring lecture about what I can and can't do. The entire way through the conversation, Pat was stood behind, miming what she was saying, doing stupid little hand gestures. I struggled to keep a straight face. Eventually, she was done and I could leave. We made our way out to the carpark, Patrick bouncing a few steps ahead, Pete hanging back with me. Looks like I was going to go and live with fall out boy... Lets see how this goes.

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