Save me

A fan fiction about fall out boy


3. Hospitals are the worst



Beep. Beep. Beep. 


The sound of the heart monitor woke me. My eyes eased open, then shut quickly again. Too bright. I slowly opened them, trying to adjust my vision better. Finally I was able to see. I couldn't see much. My feet under a pale white blanket. An IV drip in the back of my hand. Small wires draped over my body, no doubt hooked up to the beeping heart monitor. I wiggled my fingers gently, then stretched out my hand. Bit by bit, I started to move more body parts, unlocking my limbs from there deep sleep. My arms and legs worked at least. I looked at them again, twisting them over to assess the damage. Small cuts and bruises dotted my arms, making for a very interesting connect the dots. I gently lifted up the blanket to see the damage to my legs. They where in the same state as my arms, with small bruises here and there, and a few cuts. I started to wonder why I was in the hospital until I looked at my gown. There was a larger, more noticeable lump of fabric underneath my shirt, which I guessed was a bandage. I lifted up the shirt gingerly and had a closer look. The bandage looped round me like a belt, only higher up. There was a thicker, more pillowy square on the right side of my stomach, where I guessed the wound would be. The temptation to lift it and have a look was high. I lay back down again and gently pushed myself upwards onto the pillows, sitting up. I felt a twinge and a twist of fire, just below my rib cage on the left hand side and immediately dropped back down. Clearly there was a second wound I didn't know about. That bastard. 

I felt a small sob catch in the back of my throat. How was I going to explain this one. A tear made its way down my cheek and I let it fall onto the pillows beneath. I had to get out of here. I tried once more to pull myself up, ignoring the pain in my ribs and stomach. I looked around once I had sat up. The room was small, clean and mainly white. There was a tiny window that over looked the hospital garden, the sunlight streaming through. I looked around for my clothes, finding nothing. Guess I would have to make do with this gown, until I could phone a friend. I gently moved round, so that my legs hung over the side of the bed and started to pick the small wires from me. As I reached for the cannula, I heard footsteps approaching my door. I turned to look who it was and a small gasp escaped my mouth. My angels soft brown eyes looked at me, then at the cannula then back at me again. I didn't know what to do, or say. He walked over without and word and took hold of my hands. Gently he pushed them away from the IV drip line and put them by my side, not letting go. I was frozen in shock, I had no idea what was going on at all. 

"You shouldn't be doing that" He uttered softly. The sound of his voice triggered a memory in my mind, the sad shouting from the other day. Another tear involuntary ran down my face. He gently reached up and wiped it away, all the while looking at me with those soft eyes. Only the nurse coming into the room broke my concentration. She shifted uncomfortably and cleared her throat.


"Time to measure your vitals now lovey, sit back down- Oh goodness me ! What have you done there, you've pulled out all the leads" She bustled in between us, pushing me firmly back onto the bed. I laid still whilst she re-attached all my wires, looking at him as he watched her work on me. After about five minutes, she stood up and tapped my machine. It beeped at her once, almost indignantly. She frowned at the machine as she took its numbers down, then turned around to look at me with the same scowl.


"Now listen here, You are not to leave until we discharge you. You will not unplug any of these wires and you will call if the pain gets too much, Yes?" She commanded. I nodded at her, feeling like a school child with a grumpy teacher. "And you" She said, turning to him."You will make sure that she doesn't do any of this, won't you" She finished. He nodded at her solemnly, a hint of a smile tickling his lips. She pursed her lips at the both of us, then walked of out the door in a very matronly fashion. I looked over at him and could see him trying to suppress a laugh. A small smile cracked onto my face. He walked over and closed the door behind the nurse then came over and sat on the side of my bed. 


"I don't think we've been properly introduced yet. Im Pete." 

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