Save me

A fan fiction about fall out boy


2. Am I dead yet ?


All I could remember was pain. Pure, white hot unbearable pain. Each wave rolled across my head and crashed against my skull with a deafening force. I felt sick and dizzy and numb and on fire all at the same time. Every muscle, every nerve, every cell of my body was on fire. As I felt myself slump to the floor, I let the pain engulf my body, allowing it to creep through my veins and soak into every part of me like a winter nights chilly breath. My eyes could see only the gloomy darkness of the dingy alleyway and I could smell the overwhelming metallic stench of my own blood mixing with the rain that was now falling from above me. I wanted the end to be soon.


That's when he arrived. The angel. His face emerged from the murkiness before me, panic in his beautiful brown eyes. He was shouting at me, trying to pull my body up from the floor, screaming for help. I couldn't speak, to tell him that it was ok, I was ready. It was no use. He drew me into his arm's, pressing hard on the stab wound on my stomach. I tried to brush him away, tell him I was too far gone, but it was useless. I looked at his soft eyes once more and then I closed my own. I could hear his soothing voice floating down, pleading me to stay with him. I felt his warm fingers brush my face, pushing my hair back from my forehead as he murmured sounds to me. I heard muffled sirens sound in the distance, but they got harder to hear. I was going. My brain issued me one last command. 


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