The Incarnation War

Incarnations, embodiment of their own respective symbol, chooses its owner in this world. The owners of the incarnations, Components, are forced to participate in a war between the malignant and benevolent sides, the dark and white counterparts. How will the war end?


5. The Incarnation War - The Light Incarnation

The apartment, which was once engulfed in flames, became the way it was once without a single trace of damage. It didn't seem as if it had been fixed, rather it had been gone back to the time before the flame had happened. Despite the crowds of people witnessed the event, not a single person has been able to recite what had happened in the apartment. It was as if the day had gone back to yesterday for everyone.

Alex, along with his Incarnation, Justice, stood on top of the apartment that was once broken down. Though everyone else's memory on that day had been distorted and the time has been retreated to the time where none of the event has happened, Alex wasn't sure what to do later on.

[Time Manipulation]

Time manipulation can be used for variety of purposes. One of the best usage of this ability is to turn back the time before death. Alex was able to somewhat program his ability to make sure that he returns to his original state about an hour before whenever he receives fatal damage. It made him almost invincible in terms of immortality. He can even revive an person along with their memories before death. It was more useful than any healing ability. 

"Master?" Justice, the nickname for Incarnation of Justice, asked her master why he wasn't looking out for his side of the Incarnation War. It would have been more useful for them to move in as a group.

"I already have done something about that," Alex explained that he had shifted the world's time a day before in world scale except for the Incarnations, which wasn't considered as a normal human. Though it wasn't smart idea to be notifying both the light and dark incarnation for his ability, it acted as the invitation for the upcoming battle. 

"Is that so?" Justice, who was bored because of the fact that not a single incarnation except her were found, floated around Alex's head. It was said that Incarnation had similar features with a ghost but with materialized body. 

"By the way, why did you turn back the time? You could have became hero if you simply fixed the apartment and revived back the dead humans?"

"Though I wouldn't become a hero, it would surely heal up the mental scars of those who survived the incident. I may have became hero, but I wouldn't sacrifice an opportunity to be real hero rather than to become one just from the outside perspective," Alex walked down to the edge of the building. While everyone was looking away, Alex jumped off from the building, causing his legs to shatter at the moment of the impact but the time returned to the time where his legs were still fine and so was rest of his body from the falling damage.

"Lets go."

[Alexander Smith][15][Race:Human][Position:King]






[Special Ability(Time Manipulation)][SSS]


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