The Incarnation War

Incarnations, embodiment of their own respective symbol, chooses its owner in this world. The owners of the incarnations, Components, are forced to participate in a war between the malignant and benevolent sides, the dark and white counterparts. How will the war end?


7. The Incarnation War - The Incarnation of Harmony

While Alexander, an ordinary boy, was walking, Justice, an incarnation in form of a young girl, floated on top of his shoulders. Despite the overly attractive and unrealistic scene of this event, not a single person was able to be fascinated by such event because of the fact that Incarnations had the ability to hide themselves away from the normal humans. 

"Hey~ master~!" Justice, an incarnation whose hairs and other features were colorless as a unpainted canvas, incessantly begged with Alexander to find other Incarnations. Despite her current form, she still was the King of the light incarnation, meaning that she had the highest authority in the battle. It was obvious for king to search for their knights when they are separated.

"Justice," Alexander spoke out to begging Justice. She finally stopped.

"How do you identify an Incarnation?" Alexander asked while his body was loosened in surprise.

"Simple, master," Justice held her hands with her index pointed out to the top.

"Incarnations have features that humans doesn't have, such as my colorless hair and the clown's out-of-portion body. The dark incarnations usually usually have a demonic form while the light incarnations have a angelic-"

Justice stopped with Alexander and two of them stared onto another student with winged creature on top of his head. The creature's entire body seems to be soft because of his light feature and it resembled that of an angel wings. It was certain that this creature was the light target.

"..." The student who was accompanied by the creature was performing a music out on the street. His or her face was muffled with scarves and a winter hat. Alexander waited until he or she was finished with the street concert and remained on the nearby bench when he or she began to pack up the instruments.

"Um..." The student seemed troubled by the constant gaze of Alexander and the girl who stood beside him.

"Do you need any help?" The student took off her hat and scarves because of the hot weather. She had a long sky blue hair and a generally slender body. Alexander didn't knew why she had such hair color, it didn't seem dyed, it looked natural as if she had it from the beginning.

"I am Alexander, and this is Julia. Both of us are your fan," Alexander approached her first.

"I am f..Faris Ethers, thank you for being my fan..." Her voice were somewhat struggling. The winged creature from her hat tried to drag her far away from Alexander and Justice.

"..." Justice, who was quietly watching the situation, glanced toward dragging winged creature.

"!?" The winged creature crawled in fear for unknown reason.

"?" Faris wondered why her incarnation fell down on the ground.

[Faris Ethers][16][Race:???][Position:Magician]






[Special Ability(Mental Guard)(Harmonious Atmosphere)][C]

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