The Incarnation War

Incarnations, embodiment of their own respective symbol, chooses its owner in this world. The owners of the incarnations, Components, are forced to participate in a war between the malignant and benevolent sides, the dark and white counterparts. How will the war end?


1. The Incarnation War - The Guide Book

Incarnation War - Types

Dark Incarnations: Representations of malignant symbols

Light Incarnations: Representations of benevolent symbols.  

Incarnation War - Classes

King: The leading member of the incarnation war. Has special attributes.

Queen. The strongest member of the incarnation war. Has highest overall status.

Knights(2): The melee fighter of the incarnation war. Has highest physical status.

Magicians(2): The supernatural fighter of the incarnation war. Has highest intelligence status.

Archer(2): The range fighter of the incarnation war. Has highest perception status.

Extras(8): Extras members of the incarnation war. Has highest degree of freedom.

Incarnation War - Status

Strength: The representation of physical status.

Endurance: The representation of stamina status.

Agility: The representation of acrobatic status.

Perception: The representation of sense status.

Intelligence: The representation of knowledge status.

Incarnation War - Ranks

SSS: Universal Level

SS: Galaxy Level

S: Solar System Level

A: Earth Level

B: Continental Level

C: National Level

D: Town Level

E: Monster Level

F: Average Human Level.

Any extra details will be added later. Comments are always welcome. 


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