The Incarnation War

Incarnations, embodiment of their own respective symbol, chooses its owner in this world. The owners of the incarnations, Components, are forced to participate in a war between the malignant and benevolent sides, the dark and white counterparts. How will the war end?


6. The Incarnation War - The Dark Incarnation

"Welcome to the party, my dear fellows!" The King of the Dark Incarnations, Incarnation of Injustice, stretched both of his arms with his body straightened out. He was in a welcoming mood. 

"Yay..." The Incarnation of Sloth, a monster with three meter height, razor sharp horns, and reptile-like body, shouted in a bit sarcastic yet tired tone. It was certain that this incarnation was always tired out.

"Just start this meeting already!" The incarnation of wraith, a muscular man with veins glowing with red, shouted at everyone else with a furious tone. Everyone else stopped immediately because of the Wraith's passive ability,[Intimidating Gaze]. It caused his opponent to struggle in fear from a simple roar. To him, everyone else in the team seemed like his opponent.

"If only I had half of your strength, then I wouldn't have..." The incarnation of envy, a slender girl in blue hoodies, talked by herself out in the corner. Her passive ability, [Spec Analyzer], allowed her to see other incarnation's ability as well as their status in high detail. As an incarnation of envy, it made her difficult to cooperate with other members of the team as their status were much higher than hers.

"..." The Incarnation of Pride, a small girl with a black dress, stared out on the open air without taking a single glance toward the creatures that she considered as a brute or a monster. She was the most formal member of the team, and not a single person was able to say anything else to her because of her passive ability, [Equal Grounds]. It allowed her to raise her status to the same value as her opponent, meaning that her strength of C could be raised to the strength of Incarnation of Wraith, whose strength was A. However, the one who would be getting the increase would be her owner, she would only stand beside to help her owner win the battle in distant location. 

"Anyways, it seems that we are fine!" The Incarnation of Injustice, whose body was that of an ordinary man, introduced himself in front of the stage. The place where these incarnation was an empty orchestra stage. Only the Injustice was standing in the stage while everyone else was sitting down on the audience's sit.

What happened to everyone in the orchestra?


The dark incarnations murdered them all.

One by one, parts by parts, and pieces by pieces.

"Aaaah~! Its great that us dark incarnations have such high degree of freedom! We have so many ways of telling other dark incarnation where we are and what we are doing at anytime of the day!" The Incarnation of Injustice finally stepped down from the stage. The rest of the incarnations joined him.

"Lets go!" The eight of them walked out of the orchestra. 







[Special Ability(???)][SSS]

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