The Incarnation War

Incarnations, embodiment of their own respective symbol, chooses its owner in this world. The owners of the incarnations, Components, are forced to participate in a war between the malignant and benevolent sides, the dark and white counterparts. How will the war end?


2. The Incarnation War - Prologue

The sky ruled by the remnants of disaster, the land nearly annihilated by the rampage of the unrealistic beings, and the world in completely lawless chaos. Everything was in disaster. 

"I can't comprehend you," A voice, originating from an orb of a light, spoke without any emotions behind it.

"Why would you risk your own life to save someone who you don't even know?"

"Because..." I stuttered in pain. I barely could talk because of the pain.

"Because what?" The orb of light repeated the previous words. Its voice was curious.

"Whats the reason behind a human saving another human?" I made an odd smile at the end.

"If I can trade high risk of my death with hundreds of saved lives-" I coughed out a crimson liquid. It was my blood.

"Then..." My entire body was embedded with sense of pain. All I could have thought other than to endure my everlasting pain was to remember the time before any one of this event have happened and the future of the people whose lives were saved by me.

"..." My eyes were drowsy, but I felt that I won't wake up again if I close my eyes now.

"Please..." I desperately raised my hand toward the mysterious lights.

"You don't even have a hand to cling onto," The orb of light pointed out. Its voice was now somewhat emotional.

"" My eyes finally closed. Warm sensation engulfed my body. 

"..." The luminous orb glanced toward the boy's worn, tattered body. While the boy might not have realized it, his internal organs were ruptured and torn apart, every segment of his muscles destroyed from surpassing its own limits, and his skeletons that were either fractured or broken everywhere. Despite the certain death condition of the boy's body, his expression at the end was relieved when the orb replied yes to his expression.

"I accept you, as our king, to the participant of incarnation war," The orb of light gained a human form, resembling that of a young girl. Most of her features were, though not invisible, colorless, it was a uniform color from the top of her hair to the bottom of her toes except for her skin, which were far away from the colorless texture of the lifeless corpse such as the one laid down next to her. She was truly otherworldly. 

"Though dead, I will introduce myself," The girl knelt down in front of the boy.

"I am the incarnation of justice, and you are to be my-" The memory ended in this point.

Alexander Smith, an ordinary high school student, woke up from the dream in which himself had died. 

It marked the beginning of the incarnation wars. 

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