The Incarnation War

Incarnations, embodiment of their own respective symbol, chooses its owner in this world. The owners of the incarnations, Components, are forced to participate in a war between the malignant and benevolent sides, the dark and white counterparts. How will the war end?


4. The Incarnation War - Flaming City

While walking down to the apartment that Alex was living by himself, managed by the landlord, and had many histories together. Alex lost his grasps on the glossaries when he saw that the entire apartment building was in raging flames. There were hundreds of people outside the house, but not a single firefighters or ambulance came and there clearly was people upstairs that was in danger. Alex rushed down to the burning apartment.

"Its dangerous over there!" One of the neighbors stopped Alex from dashing into the flames. However, Alex took off his jacket to free himself and ran away toward the flames despite the cautions.

"Anyone?" He searched every inch of the first floor with not a single person to be found in the area. He knew that there had to be someone in the floors above, so he climbed the warm stairs with burning metal safety handles. As he climbed upstairs, he noticed that something was happening in the highest floor of the apartment. It wasn't the noise of the people crying out for help, it was noise of people shouting in fear.

On the last floor, there was a metal door that had been heated up to the point where touching it with bare hands would melt down the skins and the muscles on his body. He desperately searched to see any weapons in the area, and he found an emergency axe. He immediately struck down the handle of the metal door, and the door to the last floor has been opened. 

"..." What Alex had seen was devastating. Some of the residents were alive but there was mountains of corpses that were heavily damaged, as if it was a toddler playing with a unhardened clay. It was gruesome sight.

"Look! Another guest!" A person, along with a clown-like creature with three meter height, pointed his cane at Alex.

"I am the Magician of the Dark, the Incarnation of Murder!" The clown-like creature's word brought chill down to Alex's spine. He had never felt such threatening intents. It was as if the clown had been preparing which way to kill Alex to bring the most pain out of him.

"Lets have a deal!" The man, who was wearing a checkerboard suit and a matching set of a hat, pointed at Alex with a card. He was grinning with joy.

"You have two choices! You receive as much beatings as the amount of people you choose to save in this room or simply take your leave without a single wound on your body! I wonder what you choose here, because all the other people have done was disappointing to me."

Alex realized that the surviving people had the similar choices with him, and the reason why there was mountains of corpse was because they either sacrificed or was saved by them. One of the survivors were Liza, who had been his friend since his childhood.

"What is your choice!?" The man shouted in joy.

"I will take the beating."

From that statement, Alex couldn't remember back what had happened. It was simply unrealistic how invisible forces torn his entire body apart in a detailed method. Each and every turn of his beatings gave him a shock that would have killed him if he didn't endure them. At the end, he was in the same situation as he found himself in his dreams. A radiating orb came to him, once again. Despite Alex didn't know what the orb can do, he simply asked for its help. The history repeated, but this time, he knew that there was something that he hadn't been able to consider about. 

Why did the checker boarded man disappear?

Why did he let go of them.

What would he do later on?

What would change if he couldn't do anything about history that he could have changed.

Mustering all of his strength on living, he talked to the light orb that had changed into a colorless girl.

"Give me... strength to save."

The colorless girl, surprised, responded in pleasant tone.

"As you wish."

Alex's time returned to 24 hours before, when his body was still the same.

It was Incarnation of Justice's ability, [Time Manipulation]. 

The ability given to the King of the Incarnation War. 


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