The Incarnation War

Incarnations, embodiment of their own respective symbol, chooses its owner in this world. The owners of the incarnations, Components, are forced to participate in a war between the malignant and benevolent sides, the dark and white counterparts. How will the war end?


3. The Incarnation War - Deja Vu

"Umm... Alex?" Liza, the daughter of the house's landlord, woke half-asleep Alexander.

"h..Hello?" Alex, whose entire body felt the same irresistible pain from his dreams, fell off the bed while trying to grab his glasses on the nearby shelf. He felt somewhat odd sensation, the one similar to the scene after he had died and how the mysterious orb of light became a human girl. All of it seemed unreal. 

"Haha..." Alex made an odd smile as he tabbed the ground to find his glasses.

"You really need to be careful, Alex," Liza commented on Alex's carelessness. She soon left the room.

After Alex found his glasses under the bed, he prepared himself for the morning and rushed to the school as fast as he could. Although he could have arrived right on time to school, he found a group of delinquent picking up on a random student. 

"As a good friend of mine, could you please lend us some of your money? We will certainly pay it back," The delinquent, who seemed normal except for his threatening actions, and his small group of friends surrounded on one student.

"..." The student who were in the trouble didn't even try to look out for someone who would help him. He already knew by the gazes of avoiding eyes that help is one of the most unlikely outcome of this event. At least before he saw the sudden, grasping hand of a stranger who forced him to run away with him.

"!?" The delinquents, dumbfounded by the sudden escape, shouted at the boy and the stranger who helped him, Alexander Smith. However, by the time that they begun to chase them, they were out of their sight.

"We went out of the trouble, didn't we?" Alex spoke with sign of heavy exhaustion. He was completely worn out.

"Its useless" The troubled student, instead of appreciating the random stranger for his help, felt depressed because he knew that nothing would change just because he ran away for now. He knew better than anyone else what it would have been like for running away from a problem.

"Its always them! Its mostly because of the fact that their parents have higher position in the job that I can't fight against them. If only... if only!" 

"To you, everyone who had been averting their eyes away from your desperate struggle may seem idiotic and selfish," Alex spoke as he reached down to his backpack to reach out for something.

"I know that you couldn't have done anything against the bully, but I will suggest that nothing would change because you wouldn't do anything either. I get that there isn't any real heroes in this world, but I can guarantee you that humanity isn't that rotten to the point where not a single person will help you from getting out of your misery," Alex took out a mini camera from his backpack. It was small enough to be fitted inside a cloth.

"Camera?" The troubled student asked in curiosity.

"Wait for a week and you won't have to hide again!" Alex promised to the troubled student. 

In the following week, a footage of a video with evidence of the delinquent's behavior has been caught on a film. It has been decided by the school administration that these following students would be sent to junior detention center for possession of stolen money and such. The troubled student received attention and care from the school students when the others found what the delinquents had done to him. 

"See?" Alex walked out of the classroom while the troubled student was surrounded by people.

It was Alex's way of solving problems. One would have to pay for their wrongly deed while the victim should be saved by any method. It was the most peaceful method that Alex, who didn't have an ounce of fighting power, to help others in trouble. Even though it may have seen simple, it was certain that not anyone would help a random stranger out of their trouble.  


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