Heart of Texas, soul of California

Zac has moved to Texas. He has bought a piece of land just outside Houston. He is telling everyone he just neede a change of scenery. That it is essential for him to be in LA. But he isn't telling the truth. Zac is running trying to put his mistake behind him.
He has done something really bad, that luckily no one knows about.
He meets Kate, a spunky Texan girl and they fall in love head over heels. Zac thinks that he is finally going to have his happily ever after.
But can he escape the mistakes of his past ? And does he get his happily ever after with Kate ?


13. Tea party and sad memories


 3 days later


 I am just cleaning up Bella's toys from the floor when I hear the front door open, signalling that Zac is back home. I already feel very much at home here and I adore Bella, she is just the cutest little thing. I haven't talked that much with Zac yet. He is always polite enough, but he seems so distant and closed and I totally understand him, how do you move on from what he went through ?

 As I turn around expecting to see Zac but instead see a total stranger I almost scream out in fear. Until his eyes catches mine and I realise that it is Zac. I just didn't recognise him with only a very short tripped beard and his hair cut, only just curling at the ends. He looks 10 years younger and absolutely handsome.

 "Oh.. hi Zac". I say. Now I recognise him and hit myself for not doing it before. Zachary Levi, that guy who played Chuck. It is just there is a different name on the mail box. I never was enough of a fan to know his story or his sisters name. But I know who he is.

 "I didn't mean to startle you. Is Bella sleeping ?" He says softly. He is rubbing his cheek like he can't really get used to not having the big beard. I smile. "She is. Sorry I honestly didn't recognise you at first".

 He chuckles lightly. "Sorry, is it really that bad ? Neede to be done for the role, we start shooting tomorrow. I kind of just let it all go the last couple of years".

 "No, not bad at all. Very different. If I can be a bit bold. It really suits you, you look much younger". I tell him. He runs a hand through his hair. "Thank you. I just hope Bella can recognise me".

 I smile at him. "I am sure she will. You are her father. Don't worry about that. She might have to take a second look though".

 "Yeah. It is actually kind of nice getting rid of all that hair. I didn't realise it but it was kind of heavy". He says with a small smile.



"Daddy ?" A small tired voice sounds and we both turn to see Bella come into the living-room. I smile at her. "Hi there gum drop. Did you have a good nap ?"

 "Yeah". She is starring at me with huge eyes. "You look different daddy. They cut of all you long hair and beard".

 I squat down and she comes over putting her smal hand on my cheek. She smiles at me and I ask. "So what do you think. Does daddy look like a prince now ?"

 "No, like a dashing bandit". She says with a big smile, planting a wet kiss on my nose and I hear Maddie giggle softly behind us. "He does, doesn't he Bella ?"

 I pull Bella up into my arms standing up. "So my little princess. What do you want to do now ? Are we going to play with the dolls or built with your lego or maybe read a book ?"

 "Tea party. Please daddy, can we have a tea party". She says her eyes shining and I nod. "Of course gum drop. If you want a tea party, we'll have a tea party". She grins happily. "Can Maddie come too ?" I kiss her cheek and look at Maddie. "Of course Maddie can come if she wants to".



 "I would love to have a tea party". I say smiling. Zac puts Bella down and she grabs his hand with one of her small hands and mine with the other. 

 She pulls us both with her to her room and over to the small pink table. "Sit down". She says and points to the small chairs. I sit down. It isn't easy but I manage. I have to put a hand over my mouth covering a giggle as Zac tries to fold himself down on the small chair. He glare at me, but then it starts tugging at the corner of his mouth and he smiles.

 Bella puts her teddy on the third chair and sit down on the last herself. After putting her tea set on the table and a plate af small pretty wooden toy cakes. She takes the little teapot and pretend to pour tea. When Zac picks up his and take a pretend sip she almost yells. "No daddy. To hot, you'll burn".

 "Don't worry gum drop. The tea is perfect, I didn't burn myself at all". Zac says putting down the cup. It is so small he can only just hold it with two fingers.

 "Take cake Maddie". Bella says and holds the the plate to me and I take a small cake with a smile. "Thank you". Then she holds i out to Zac. "You too daddy". Zac picks up one too. "Thanks sweetie".

 I look at Maddie who puts a cake in front of the teddy and then take one herself. Pretending to nipple from it. Then I look at Zac and giggle. "So you went with the pink princess one. Very masculine".

 "Well if you get the choice, always go with the pink princess one. Everyone knows that". He says straightening up a little, pretending to take a bite of the cake, winking at me.

 Shekinah was right. Here with Bella. Playing her games. He seems to let down the facade a bit. He seems much more relaxed and more happy. I feel I get a glimpse of the man he used to be.

 Later that evening I am tucking Bella into bed, because Zac had some important phone calls to make. "Sleep tight little princess". I say kissing her forehead. She looks at me with those big hazel eyes. "Maddie ? Will you be my mommy, because I don't have a mommy". Her words almost brings tears to my eyes. "Oh sweetie. You do have a mother. But I can be your very best friend".

 She smiles and seems happy for now, but I know it wont be the last time she brings it up and when she sleeps I go knock on the door to Zac's office. "Come in". His voice sounds from inside and I open the door.

 "Can I talk to you for a moment Zac ?" I ask. He is reading a script. He puts it down on the desk and nods. "Yeah of course. Come on in".

 I walk in. Taking a deep breath before telling him. "I hate bringin this up. But Bella just asked about her mother when I tucked her in. I managed to avoid it for now. But I am sure she is going to ask again. I just wanted to know what you want me to say ?"

 "I knew she would start asking at some point. If I am here tell her to go to me and I will handle it. If I am not, just tell her that her mother was called Kate and she was the most amazing woman in the world". He says. I am about to go as I think he is done. But he opens a drawer and pulls out a small frame looking at it. "You can show her this".

 I see how his hand starts to shake slightly as he holds out the picture and I take it gently. I look at the picture it is a beautiful blonde woman in jeans and a T-shirt standig in front of a big house. "Oh she was so beautiful Zac".

 "Thanks. She was my everything. My soulmate. We were supposed to have our happily ever after. You know, she gave her life to save Bella. Threw herself in front of a car to push her out of the way". He seems lost in his own memories.

 I can't put words to how much I feel with him. He must have been so strong to still be standing. To have gotten through those last years and raised Bella so well in the proses. "I am truly sorry for your loss Zac. And I am so sorry I brought it up".

 "It's okay. You needed to when Bella asks. I.. I think I need to be alone". He is almost mumbling and I nod and backs out, closing the door. I truly wish it hadn't been necessary to bring it up.



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