Heart of Texas, soul of California

Zac has moved to Texas. He has bought a piece of land just outside Houston. He is telling everyone he just neede a change of scenery. That it is essential for him to be in LA. But he isn't telling the truth. Zac is running trying to put his mistake behind him.
He has done something really bad, that luckily no one knows about.
He meets Kate, a spunky Texan girl and they fall in love head over heels. Zac thinks that he is finally going to have his happily ever after.
But can he escape the mistakes of his past ? And does he get his happily ever after with Kate ?


3. Sweaty work and giving in


 3 weeks later


 As I park the pickup and jump out, I see Zac straighten up to his full hight. He is wearing jeans, boots and a backwards cap. He is digging up an old tree stub. Pearls of sweat running down his bare chest. "Hello there handsome. I see you are actually getting some work done today".

 "Yeah. I need to get this house build. You know can't really ask you to marry me and come live in my trailer. Now can I ?" He say grinning. He pulls of his cap running a hand through those ruffled curls.

 I shake my head as I walk through the gate. It isn't the first time he mentiones marriage. I am not sure how serious he is though. I mean we have only known each other a couple of months. But I also know we have something special. "Well. I wouldn't care. But my daddy might when you go ask him permission like a real gentleman".

 "Believe me darling I will ask him and then I'll ask you and you say yes and we have happily ever after and a bunch of kids". He says grabbing me and pulling me into him. Kissing me passionated.

 I push him away from me, making a face at him. "Ugh Levi, you are all wet and sweaty". He chuckles evily and grabs me again. He rubs himself against me. "And you just love it".

 I slide from his grasp. "What about no". I back away from him and soon he is chasing my around the empty lot. In the end I loose to his much longer legs and he catches me. Kissing me on the neck. "Hey if you give me a hand with the stub then we can shower together after".

 "Well see that is the kind of offer a real Texas girl can't say no to. Let's get going hot stuff". I grab his hand. Pulling him with me. Hearing him chuckle.



 "I believe I owe you a shower my dear". I grab Kate and she fold those long sexy legs around me as I carry her inside to my small bath. 

 I sit her down outside the bathroom as there isn't much space inside. And quickly undress her, kissing her neck and shoulders in the process. Her hands open my jeans and I kick of my boots. "You do know that shower hardly has space to be standing in there right ?"

"Oh but I don't count on us both to be standing". I answer and pick her up again. Now when we are both naked. Carrying her into the smaal room. Pressing her against the wall while I turn on the water. She giggles. "Oh you are bad Levi, so bad".

 "And I am going to show you just how bad". I say, making her giggle again. It turns i to moans as I start kissing and nibbling down her neck. Her hands are in my hair and on my neck.

 My mouth finds one of her small perky breast and she gasp as I start playing with it. Her hands grabbing onto my shoulders.

 I have always enjoyed sex but with Kate it is something different. It is like we just understand each other. Like we just fits perfectly together and it has been like that from the first time. I can hear from her breathing and from the sounds shee makes, that she is ready for me. As I slide myself slowly inside her she throw her head back moaning my name.

 Our lovemaking is soft but passionated and we both call for each other when we reach our climax. I gently put her down and help her wash her hair. After the bath we snuggle up in bed and I drift of to sleep.


 1 year ago:

 "What do you want ?" I ask as I open my door to find Pamela standing outside. She is looking very sexy as always in a short lacy dress. I haven't talked to her since the premiere 3 days ago.

 She just walks inside. Ignoring that I am glaring at her. "Well what do you think big boy. I missed you and I haven't heard from you for days".

 "And why excatly do you think that is Pamela ?" I cross my arms on my chest asking her.

 "How would I know ?" She walks over to me slowly, running her nails down my arm but I step away. And she rolls her eyes at me. "Is this about Tom ? Really ?"

 "Hell it is about Tom. I thought we were together. I asked you to premiere but you didn't wanted to go and then you show up on Tom's arm as his girlfriend". My voice is a bit raised. "Does Tom know you were here fucking me the night before the premiere ?"

 "Of course he don't". She says smiling. "Listen baby, dating Tom is good for my career. Both for getting connection, for publicity and for credibility. But you are the one I want baby. This, us, we don't have to change".

 I shake my head. "Pamela you are dating Tom. He is a great guy and a friend of mine. I am not going to fool around with his girlfriend".

 "Fool around ? You are just so adorable Zac". She runs her hands up around my neck. Gracing her nails over the base of my neck, knowing excatly what that does to me. "Come on big boy. You know you want me".

 I curse myself. I don't know why this woman hold such power over me. Before I even realise I have my arms around her, kissing her deeply and she is ripping of my shirt. I know I shouldn't do it. But honestly it isn't my reason and sensibility that rules right now.

 Much later I am lying on the bed trying to get my heartbeat back down. Pamela is laying with her head on my chest. Her arms and legs wrapped around me. I look at her. "What are we doing here ?"

 "Having fun Zac. Taking care if our needs. Acting on our urges. Don't think so much about it big boy". She says, running her nails over my chest, scratching over my nipple.

 I gasp and closes my eyes. "And what about you and Tom ? Is it just for show or are you sleeping with him. Is he just acting ? He seemed very taken with you".

 "Oh he is. I got that man wrapped so thight around my little finger it is almost ridiculous. And yes if you really want to know it. I am sleeping with him. I mean which woman would turn that down". She says and I feel my heart sink.


 Back to present day:

 I wake up in my bed, relieved to be back in my trailer. Kate sleeping beside me. I pull her into my arms, snuggling my face into her hair. I had dreamed of Pamela, of the day I made the worst choice of my life.

 Luckily that is behind me know. This is my future. Kate is my future. I know this for sure and I am planning on asking her fathers permission soon. I don't want to waste anymore time on bad relationships. I want my happily ever after and I want it with Kate.







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