Heart of Texas, soul of California

Zac has moved to Texas. He has bought a piece of land just outside Houston. He is telling everyone he just neede a change of scenery. That it is essential for him to be in LA. But he isn't telling the truth. Zac is running trying to put his mistake behind him.
He has done something really bad, that luckily no one knows about.
He meets Kate, a spunky Texan girl and they fall in love head over heels. Zac thinks that he is finally going to have his happily ever after.
But can he escape the mistakes of his past ? And does he get his happily ever after with Kate ?


8. Mirabella


 5 months later


 I am standing in our kitchen, putting the last touches on our dinner as I hear the car stop outside. Minutes late the front door open and I hear Zac's voice. "Baby I am home".

 "Kitchen darling". I have missed him most terrible. He has been away for almost 2 weeks. But he has cleared his schedule the next couple of moths. Our baby is supposed to come in 2-3 weeks time, but the pain in my lower back tells me it probably will be a lot sooner.

 I hear noise and foot steps and turn to see the world biggest teddy bear come through the door, wondering if my husband is somewhere under all that brown fur. I can't help giggling. "What on eart is that Zac".

 "A teddy bear for the baby". He says grinning as his face emerges beside the bears head. Zac size taking into consideration it can't have been easy finding a bear as big as him.

 I have to hold my stomach laughing. "Oh darling that is the most ridiculous teddy ever. You are just the most amazing father already". I walk over. Managing to lean over the bear to kiss him.

 "I have missed you so much baby. But I think I just go but the ridiculous bear in the nursery so I have my hands free to kiss you properly". He says chuckling.

 I shake my head and go to put the food on the table. A couple of minutes later I feel his arms slide around me from behind, resting on my big round belly. "So how is our little gum drop threatening mommy ?"

 "Oh beside kicking up into my lungs and pulling my pelvis apart the little hell raiser is being good". I say leaning back agaist him. He leans down kissing my cheek and I turn my head so I can catch his kips with mine.

 After the kiss and sighs. "Oh it is so wonderful to be back home. Sometimes I feel like I never want to leave. And dinner smells absolutely delicious by the way".

 "Come eat then". I tell him. We go sit down and he tells about what he has been up to while gone. Before asking into everything that has happened at hope. Even though we have told each other every day over the phone.



 Even though Kate seems happy to see me, she somehow seems very tense. And when she is only picking at her food I start feeling nervous. I reach for her hand over the table. "Is something wrong baby ? You are not really eating and you seems on edge".

 "No ! I am fine Zac. Just my back are really killing me today. My lower back is totally tensing up". She says. Reaching a hand back to rub her back.

 I get up and walk over letting my hands run down on her lower back. Starting to massage the area soft but firmly. "Let me help you darling".

 She groans and let her head fall forward as I continue to massage her. "Oh God Zac that feels soo good. It really helps with the tension".

 "Are you sure you are just tense ? That it isn't the contractions starting ?" I had suddenly remmebered something the doctor had said about labour pain starting in the back.

 She reach up to cup my cheek. "I am sure contractions hurts a lot more than this. They say that when it starts you know".

 "Okay but if it continues we are going in to get you checked out just in case". I tell her and start to clean out the table.

 I tell her to go sit down in the living-room and relax. Then I go to empty out my bags. Half-way through I suddenly hear her yell for me from the kitchen. I hurry out there and find her standing in a big puddle of water.

 "What happened baby ?" My first thought is that she spilled something.

 "I just wanted to fill up the dishwasher. I think my water just broke". She says looking down on the floor and I probably gasp.

 I quickly asset the situation. "Okay. If I run to get the bag for the hospital. Do you think you can stand here for a moment ? Or do you want me to help you to the chair ?"

 "Zac I am fine. Just go get the bag. I will make my way to the car". She says. Looking like she finds my kind of amusing.

 I run to the bedroom and gets the bag. Of course she had put it in a closet and it takes me five minutes to find it. When I get back out she is sitting in the car. She had even made sure to sit on a towel.



As we arrive at the hospital Zac makes sure I get into a room and a midwife comes to check me over. He holds my hand the whole time. Now I am no longer in doubt that I am having contractions. It is kind of hurting now.

 The midwife looks up at me. "Good thing you came in fast. You are already 8 cm dilated and I can se the hair. It won't be long before you are ready to start pressing". 

 "See I told you darling". Zac whispers in my ear. I glare at him, a bad contraction running through me. "Yeah now is not the time to get cheeky with me Zac".

 The midwife starts gettting things ready while Zac tries to remind me about my breathing. Holding my hand. Rubbing it softly and telling me I am doing great.

 Suddenly the pain changes. It gets much more intense and I groan. "What is happening ? It hurts so badly and I feel like I need the bathroom".

 "Don't worry that is the actual labour pains". The midwife says. She checks me again. "You are fully dilated sweetie. On the next contractionmjust push with all you got".

 Zac squeezes my hand. He is almost jumping on the spot. "Come on baby you can do it. Push, push. Your are doing so good".

 "Oh God Zac stop the freaking cheerleading. I can't focus on pushing". I say trying not to giggle to hard. The midwife giggles to.

 I am pressing and between contractions I am gasping.. Zac holding my hand and drying of my forehead. He is telling me how proud he is. 

 "One more and we got the head out. Come on Kate". The midwife tells me after only 6 push and I look at her honestly in chock. I thought labour was supposed to go on for hours on end even days.

 I give it everything I got. And I stings like hell for a moment. But the it is like something slips out and the pain subside. The midwife looks up. "The head is out, just one more and you are parents. Does the father want to receive the baby ?"

 "Can I do that ?" Zac looks totally in awe and the midwife nods. He lids up in a smile. "Sure. Definately. If it is safe".

 "Come here". She moves a bit to the side and shows Zac how to hold the baby. And when my next contraction hits. Our baby slides right out into his arms. The midwife put on clamps and asks if he wants to cut the umbilical cord too. She holds the baby while he cuts it. Then she hands the baby back to him and he comes to put it on my chest. "Say hi to our beautiful and perfect little girl".

 "Oh she is wonderful". I can't keep the tears back as this little fragile and pink baby girl looks up at me. I kiss the top of her little head. "I can't believe we are really parents".



 I sit beside the bed Kate has been transferred to. She is sleeping after the labour. She deserve to rest, she did so good giving birth to our little girl. I knew she is strong, but she still amazed me.

 And our little girl. Not cleaned is resting in my arms. Wrapped up in a pink blanket. She already has a head full of dark curls. She is so beautiful, so perfect.

 We have decided to call her Mirabella and I am so much in love with this little pink thing that I can't even describe it. I thought I knew love at it strongest with Kate. But nothing prepared me for this. There is no limits to what I will do to keep her safe.

 Now my life is truly perfect. But I hope we can add a couples of brothers or sister to the family when Kate are ready.






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