Heart of Texas, soul of California

Zac has moved to Texas. He has bought a piece of land just outside Houston. He is telling everyone he just neede a change of scenery. That it is essential for him to be in LA. But he isn't telling the truth. Zac is running trying to put his mistake behind him.
He has done something really bad, that luckily no one knows about.
He meets Kate, a spunky Texan girl and they fall in love head over heels. Zac thinks that he is finally going to have his happily ever after.
But can he escape the mistakes of his past ? And does he get his happily ever after with Kate ?


7. Finally together.. Finally Breaking free



 I feel more happy than I ever thought possible. I have my arm around Kate as our friends and family comes to greet and congratulate us. She is finally my wife. This is my happily ever after. My private fairy-tale.

 Tom comes over. I haven't seen him since I moved here. He looks perfect as ever in his navy suit. "Congratulation Zac. I am so happy for you. Pamela sends her love, she is so sorry she couldn't come".

 "Thank you for coming Tom. It's great to see you. This is my beautiful wife Kate". I say after hugging him. I missed Tom. The mess and the pain wasn't really his fault.

 He takes Kates hand kissing it. "A pleasure finally meeting you Kate. Congratulations you make a stunningly beautiful bride".

 "Thank you Tom. So great to meet you too". She says smiling at him. Tom claps me on the shoulder. "You and me really hit the jackpot in the love department". I force a smile. "Yeah we did". 


7 months earlier:

 "You what ?" I stare at her. I must have heard her wrong. We are laying in bed and Pamela just dropped a bomb on me. 

 She sighs and rolls her eyes at me. "Tom proposed to me yesterday. He was so sweet and romantic and I accepted. I mean look at this ring".

 "I can't believe you come here the day after you got engaged. So this is it ? You choose him after all". I say. I need to be alone. Honestly I need to cry my broken heart out.

 She runs those nails up my chest. Her voice a soft purr. "No Zac. It doesn't make a difference. It is just a silly ring. We don't have to change anything. Tom will be away a lot".

 "It does make a difference to me. I am done Pamela. You made your choice. I am done with this. And you better do right towards Tom from here on. He deserves your faithfulness. Don't break him as well". I say getting up and pulling on my clothes.

 She jumps up. This time she can't hide the anger. She is literally stomping her foot. "You can't do this Zac. I won't give you up".

 "Well darling you don't have a choise. Put on some clothes and go back to your finance. Ne happy with what you have. A lot of women will envy you". I say. This time I have no doubt, this ends today.

 She glares at me. Putting on her clothes. "You are going to regret this Zac. No one dumps me like this. One day you will regret it".

 "Funnily I don't think I will. Bye bye Pamela, give Tom my condolences". I say and she screech angrily before turning and stumping out.

 I throw myself on the bed. Breaking into sobs. I decide there and then that I need to get away. To put distance between me and Pamela not to risk me giving in to her again.


 Back to present time:

 "Earth to Zac ! You phased out there". Tom says chuckling and I smile at him. "Yeah I guess I did. I was just thinking about when I moved here. I never expected this".



 It had been the most wonderful day and evening and many hours later Zac sweeps me up into his arms and carries me over the doorstep to our new house. Our future. He carries me all the way to the bedroom before softly setting me down. "Welcome home Mrs Levi Pugh".

 "Well thank you Mr Levi Pugh. And thank you so much today couldn't have been anymore perfect". I tell him kissing him softly.

 You know I am going to love hearing others call you that". He says with a soft sigh. Then he slowly removes my vail and lets down my hair. Running his hands softly through it to untangle it. I turn around and pull my hair over one shoulder. Letting him open my dress. Then I turn around again and let it slide of.

 "You are the most beautiful woman in the world". He says softly. Before pulling me into his arms. Kissing me deeply making me catch my breath.

 I quickly remove his clothes. No matter how handsome he looks in it I always thinks he looks best without it and right now I just want my sexy husband naked and as close as possible.

 I push him him down on the bed smiling my most sexy smile as I teasingly and slowly strip out of my underwear and crawl uo on the bed next to him.

 "I can't believe we are married. I am just waiting for you to wake up and realise what a mistake you made". He says smiling at me. I shake my head. "Never gonna happen".

 We don't go to sleep before the sun is back up. Having kissed and cuddled and slowly made love for hours. Just enjoying each other and expressing our love.

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