The Deal


1. The incident

7:58 am

I woke up, by the sound of my friends yelling at some text message.

"Willow hurry the hell up! We're going to the beach!"

"I'm up! I'm up!" I scream back.

I head to my closet for a swim suit. But because of my friends, I know there will be guys. And honestly I hate men. I hate them so damn much. It's more like I hate one man. Not them all. I put on my surf suit and head for the door.

"Willow we're leaving." Ally screams.

I took my car keys and leave the apartment. As I drive to the beach. I got nervous, I'm so shy. I'm never confident. I'm always by my self. That was before Alan. He played me. He actually broke my heart. After 3 years. Memories running through my head. I turn the music loud, to keep me distracted. My phone started ringing. I reached over the seat and when I got up, I didn't realize that I scratched a car with my side mirror. I quickly turned the car over. Opened my door and ran to the man that was looking at his car.

"I'm so so sorry!" I say while running to him.

"How much will it cost?" I say stumbling with my words.

"About 200 dollars, but I don't need you to pay." His low voice adds to my question.

"Why?" I yell.

"It's my fault!" I add.

He turns around, comes walking to me. He came so close to me, his pepper mint breath was warm against my skin. I ran to get my wallet. I jumped into my car, my butt sticking out. Reaching for the side opener. (Where your car has that cabinet)

Then I realized that I only had 50. We were still on the road. Some men were cat calling me, or my butt. Then I felt a bit of cold when a shadow covers over me. I get up, and then I see him again.

"What?" I bark at him.

He clenched his jaw, "give me your number." He adds.

"No, why would I do that?" I say looking at my hands.

He chuckles." I didn't ask for a date, I asked for number. We need to talk about this situation" he smirks.

He walked to his car, sat down and started it. I ran over to his car. He looked back at me. Smirking.

He hands me his phone, I put my number in his contacts. I look at the empty name. I put Willow Stone. I handed his phone back to him. He smiles and drives off.

I walk back to my car.

I then start driving to my destination. I parked my car and walked out.

I grab my surf board. And start walking to the ocean.

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