This Story is told from Dan Reynolds' point of view.
Before Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds was at university. He didn't wanna do this, so he's gotta do what he wants. Right?


2. Oh no, I'm late!

I got out of my car and slammed my door. I went inside the university building and ran up the stairs. I went inside the classroom. My teacher, Miss Green didn't look very happy and everyone kept staring at me. "Why are you so late?" said Miss Green. "Ummm... it was... umm.... traffic," I said. "Traffic! Are you joking? You are now 54 minutes late!" Shouted Miss Green. Everyone including me, burst into laughter. "What's so funny?!" asked Miss Green in a loud voice. We all stopped laughing. "Right then, sit down. I've had enough of your absolute nonsense this morning!" commanded Miss Green. I went to sit down at my desk in the back corner. Miss Green was going through a powerpoint presentation. The reason why we all find Miss Green funny, is because of the way she pronounces some words. Here's how she pronounces some words: Board - Boarwerd Four - Foarwer Twenty Fower - Twenty.....Foarwer Joking - Jaawwking Facebook - Faayccebook (She thinks that's the only social media!) No - Noe Miss Green had also been at this university for almost 28 years! She even said it many times. Miss Green isn't married and anyway who'd wanna marry her? She also doesn't have a very good clothing style - It's so 1954. So, the presentation finished and it was time for break time. We all ran out the classroom. Why? Because it was so boring!

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