This Story is told from Dan Reynolds' point of view.
Before Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds was at university. He didn't wanna do this, so he's gotta do what he wants. Right?


4. Lunch Break

Later on that day, it was finally time for lunch break. I went to the outdoor cafeteria with my friends, Daniel, Wayne and Ben. We sat down at a table and began to eat and talk. We like to multi-task. 'Miss Green does not know that we're making fun of her,' said Daniel Platzman. 'I hate Miss Green! That teacher is totally 'bowering' - get it?' told Ben Mckee. Everyone began to laugh at what Ben said. 'Ben is totally right and who would want a teacher like Miss Green anyway?' asked Wayne Sermon. 'A really 'bowering' person who's really 'bowerd', loves playing 'no-tes' and crosses, and loves the stupid comedy show!' I replied. Ben, Daniel and wayne laughed at what I just said. Just then, I felt a tap on my back. I turned around. Uh oh! It was the one and only, Miss Green! 'I heard what you just said and you are in big trouble young man!' shouted Miss Green. Oops!
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