This Story is told from Dan Reynolds' point of view.
Before Imagine Dragons, Dan Reynolds was at university. He didn't wanna do this, so he's gotta do what he wants. Right?


3. Extreme Sports involve injuries

I went to hang out with my friends. We went skateboarding outside the building. I was going too fast and began to lose my balance. CRASH! I crashed into the building. Ouch! My friends stopped skating immediately and came to help me. 'Are you ok?' asked Daniel Platzman. 'He looks injured,' said Ben Mckee. 'I'm fine. Don't worry,' I said. 'Are you sure?' asked Wayne Sermon. 'Yes!' I shouted. I'm perfectly fine. 'I'm gonna go to the bathroom, so I'll see you in class, dudes,' I said. I headed over to the bathroom and cleaned my blood. Lucky I brung plasters with me in my bag. I applied it and.... TA-DAH! I went on my phone to play games whilst still in the cubicle. Oh no! It's time for class! I quickly made my way back to class.
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