This is a story created in my own head, this is 100% original. I have created a character named Layla. She will join the Riverdale gang and go on their journey, but she will affect the story.


2. Riverdale's Finest E.2

(Jughead) "Riverdale is home to some of the greatest football players, cheerleaders, and buisness people the world has probably ever seen. But with greatness their is darkness, there has always been a dark side to Riverdale. Nothing is ever right with this town. Especially after the death, of Jason Blossom. The Blossom family is one of the richest and "finest" of Riverdale, but they aren't perfect, and their are loose ends to their story. The story of Jason's death shook this town like nothing ever seen before. A simple boat ride turned deadly. July 4th, Jason Blossom and his sister Cheryl Blossom went for a routine early morning boat ride, while striding through the water Cheryl dropped her glove from the boat. Jason went to grab it and the boat tipped, later Cheryl was found on the shore, distraught, cold and wet. The police searched every inch of the river, after never being found... Jason was presumed dead. This town is nothing but darkness, sadness, and mysteries. Jason was on the football team along with Archie Andrews, the new quarterback. Jason was the old quarterback, but when he disappeared they needed someone to fill his spot. Archie Andrews being the most fit for the position, took the opportunity." Archie had just finished football practice, leaving to meet his childhood friend Betty, and Jughead.

to Be Continued...

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