This is a story created in my own head, this is 100% original. I have created a character named Layla. She will join the Riverdale gang and go on their journey, but she will affect the story.


1. Pilot Ep.1

(Jughead) Our story is about a town... a small town, and the people who live in the town. From a distance it presents itself like so many other small towns, all over the world.(Jug and Layla my own character added in, voices fade into each others and switches to Layla’s) Safe, decent, innocent, get closer though... and you start seeing the shadows underneath. (Bughead and Layla’s voices collide). The name of our town, is Riverdale” After finishing his intro to a gruesome tale, he looked up to see a girl with pink hair in a red seated booth typing on her computer. She looked up at the waiter coming over with a strawberry shake only to make eye contact with the mysterious boy. Layla looked back down at her computer, finishing her sentence. She then closed it and passed the boy with a mischievous smile and walked out to her car. Jughead watched her walk out, feeling a wierd connection with the pink haired girl.

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