All Because of Red

I tune out of my thoughts to hear the crowd shrieking and crying out the lyrics to my new single Red.
A small smile plays at my lips but disappears just as I hear my voice echo out the last line through the arena, "his love was like driving a new Maserati down a dead end street".

I think of a thought that has been playing in my mind, eating away at the sanity I have managed to salvage for oh so long, "What if he wasn't a he at all, then what would you all think of me"


1. Disclaimer

*does anyone even read these*

Ok to start off I want to emphasize very clearly this is ALL fiction.

None of what I'm writing is true none of the feelings, thoughts, relationships, or actions have any connection to the real Taylor nor is this her personality I am simply using her name/face as a character for THIS STORY which is completely fiction and the same goes for any of the other more well known people that could be mentioned in this story.

I obviously don't own Taylor Swifts character but if I see someone writing a story copying my plot, my conflicts, and my character traits/ characters (the ones that I will develop myself throughout the story that aren't real people) I will kindly ask you to take it down now i would also like to mention this story will have heartbreak and sadness so if that will trigger anyone please don't read i don't want anyone getting to upset over a little writing I came up with at 1am xoxo

On that note I hope you enjoy the story and don't judge the cover to harshly I know it's not the greatest

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