Best night ever

This is a story a bout Selena Gomez and Louis Thomlison and Selena moves to la and has to go to a new high school and meets this great guy and he invites Selena to his party. And from there on their relationship grows more and more and soon we'll have to make a big decision


1. new girl

Well it was the first day of my new school. My senior year was nearly a semester away and my mom steph and step dad tom moved us to LA.

A year after my mom and dad got a divorce my mom met this really great guy and a year later got married. After they got married mom, Tom, me and my little brother Caleb moved from Jersey to LA. I was really happy because i loved going to cali in the summer but what I don't like is that I had to leave all my friends.

"Well here I am" said Selena.

"Oops" said this tall muscular gorgeous guy.

As he caught me in his arm I could help but stare in to his beautiful eyes.

"My name is Louis and yours?"

"I'm Selena, I just moved here from jersey." Said Selena

"I could tell" said Louis.

"How so?" I asked.

"Oh just your beautiful long hombre hair and you're gorgeous eyes and tan" said Louis with a smile upon his face.

I showed him my schedule and turned out we have every class together. So Louis showed me around and as he was talking I kept dozing off and kept staring at his gorgeous lips.

"Hey I'm having a huge party tonight at my place. Would you like to be my date?" Asked Louis

"Of course! Should I wear something in particular?" I asked

"Well it's a costume party and if you wanna fit it you should probably wear something hot." Louis said giving a wink and a chuckle.

"For sure what time should I be there?" I asked

"It's starts at ten but if you wanna you can come early" said Louis

"Ok" I said

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