Camp of Legend 3

When a new group of teenagers arrive at Camp Crystal Lake, they face Jason Voorhees, who seeks revenge.


2. The camp


The timing was bad.

Hollis T. Grimes, II, the Crystal Lake Sheriff, was eating a doughnut. He sipped his warm coffee. He was eager to think that the whole Jason Voorhees business had died decades ago. "Sheriff, most of the campers are at the campgrounds now", Deputy Sheriff Al Shoulder, Jr., said. He ate a cheese burger, and drank a Coke. "Nothing will happen to them now, trust me". Hollis, who was fifty, was two hundred pounds. He had grey hair, bright, blue eyes, and tall; Deputy Shoulder, Jr., was forty. He was one hundred and eighty pounds. He had short, black hair, green eyes, and was of an average height. "If something does happen...we'll drive to Camp Crystal Lake soon", the Sheriff said, as he made sure they finished their lunch before one o'clock PM.



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