Camp of Legend 3

When a new group of teenagers arrive at Camp Crystal Lake, they face Jason Voorhees, who seeks revenge.


3. Summer nights



Donald walked towards the showers. He felt the coldness of Camp Crystal Lake. Suddenly, (and without any kind of warning), he stopped. "I'm going to see the cabins", Trish said. "That's good. We can go swimming if you like". Trish nodded. She walked to the cabins...and left him alone.


Brian arrived at Camp Crystal Lake. "It's here, Ellie". She smiled at him.

"Good. The other campers will already be here", Ellie told her boyfriend. He shook his head. "There's the death curse that Crazy Ralph used to warn everyone about". Brian nodded. "He's dead". He wrapped his arms around her; he kissed her, as they reached the cabins together.


Donald and Ken saw the campers.

"Hello. Welcome to Camp Crystal Lake. I'm Donald. This is Ken. We're the new camp counsellors". Brian shook their hands; Ellie shook her head.

They gazed at the camp, as Trish arrived.


The old man stared at the camp.

He imagined that the idea of giving the campers the story about Jason Voorhees was proof that evil still dwelled at Camp Crystal Lake. He smoked a cigarette, then saw Jim Holders, the owner of ​Jim's Canoes​. "John, what's going on?", Jim asked him. "Nothing. I have a bad feeling that something will happen tonight. It's Friday the 13th, you know", John he dreamed of a time in Crystal Lake that was free from the curse of the Voorhees' family.


Ken heard the sound.

It was birds chirping.

He saw the new campers. "Thank you for coming", Ken said. He glanced at the cabins. The cold breeze wafted through the air; the air was chilly. "We'll set up the fireplace for dinner". She smiled. They nodded as they changed into their swimming clothes, and jumped into the water unaware that Jason Voorhees was watching them in the deep woods.


Brian swam towards the edge of the water. He was gasping for air. Then he focused on breathing. Once he was stable, he saw a figure watching him.

It was Jason Voorhees.


"What's the matter, Brian?", Ellie asked him.

"I saw him. Jason Voorhees", he answered her. He shivered as he pondered whether the masked man was alive...or not. Or a figment of his imagination. Ellie stopped swimming. She gazed at the dark woods. "Let's tell the others", she said.

And, as they got out of the water, they told the campers about Jason.


Ken heard the sound. He turned around, and saw a little girl throwing a rock in the woods. "Be careful. You'll be seeing Jason Voorhees".

"He's alive", she told him.

"How do you know that?", Ken asked her.

"Mom and Dad said that Jason's out for revenge", she answered him. Ken took his time before he walked towards Camp Crystal dark clouds hovered above their heads...and thunder boomed in the black sky.


"It's going to be bad", Trish said.

"How bad?", Ken asked.

"Very bad", Ellie answered. Donald nodded. They gathered by the fireplace, as they noticed Jason Voorhees holding a hammer in his right hand. All of the campers screamed. Trish kicked Jason's right hand. He dropped the weapon near his dark, brown, boots. The campers fled the camp, and headed to the van. When they left, Jason grabbed his hammer.

He then fumed with anger, then walked to the shack in the woods.


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