The personality of a man shown through beautiful, vivid colors. A puzzle you might enjoy. This is a poem with a introduction haiku, a sonnet and then an ending haiku. The sonnet was written with Iambic Pentameter.


1. Personality

A man walks down streets
Wearing a colorful suit
No one understood

Everyday he would walk down a busy main street
Always wearing the same colorful clothes
People always watched in awe as he eats
It seemed like he always wore the same clothes

Everyone would ask him why he did such a task
He always said the same answer, figure it out
He thought it was a simple, easy, and quick task
Yet he knew someone smart would figure it out

A Statement, a hope to be fulfilled
A Statement, a hope to be fulfilled

One day a child walked down the same rainy street
He stared in shock and awe at the fine patterns
The child went home, thought about him head to feet
The suit was colorful and has patterns

Red for love and danger
Green for peace, energy, growth, and freshness
Yellow for hope and deceit

So those colors all represent the parts of the man


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