Quantum Gallop

Five of the youth of House Path are abruptly whisked away by the enigmatic Doctor Whooves, and they find themselves in a Ponyville that they can scarcely recognize. A tyrant queen rules Equestria, alliances were never forged with Griffonia and the Changeling Hives, and three of the group had never been born! Someone has changed history, and it's up to them to figure out when, how, and who did it, or Equestria will suffer, and the rest of the world along with it.
This is the direct sequel to "The Growing Years" and "A Different Perspective", and I advise reading those stories first.



22. Chapter 12 - Relatives and Relationships Part 2


“Hi guys,” Forest said with an awkward wave.

The Path children had grown up with regular visits either to or from Cogs and Lavender because Twilight was godmother to their foals. Their daughters, Dandelion Dreams and Sky Fern, had been occasional playmates too, but they had both long since gone onto to adult pursuits. Forest was the youngest, and always had been more than a hoofful, so it was with some suspicion that his request was met.

“Why do you want to join our House?” Pif asked.

“Let’s just say that I have had a life-changing experience, and I want to make something more of myself,” Forest replied.

Twilight said, “I would like you five to give Forest your attention. He’s got a bit of catching up to do at his age, so if you could give him some extra lessons, I would appreciate it. Consider yourselves his personal tutors.”

Blue smirked at Forest. “Somehow I reckon that he’ll think he’s been hit by a ton of bricks when he finds out what he’s let himself in for.”

Lucida punched Blue in the shoulder and said, “Don’t let him get to you, Forest. After all, you’re just going to a higher level of schooling, not the end of the world.”

Forest grinned back nervously. “A-heh! Yeah.”

# # #

“Twice! Twice!” Chrysalis raged. “Twice my agents were foiled in my attempts to get my daughter back! How is that even possible?!

“The House of Path seems to have its own allies in this time war. While they exist, you may continue to be frustrated,” the Nightmare replied.

Path! That name vexes me! It has brought me nothing but pain and failure!”

“Then perhaps it’s time to deal with them instead of attempting to change your past?”

“Oh, I’ll deal with them alright! I’ll destroy them! I’ll wipe them from the very face of existence!”

“Shall we start making plans, my dear?”

“Oh, we’ll do far more than that. We’ll start a war this world has never seen before!”

The Nightmare smiled to itself – death and destruction was music to its ears. ‘My plan proceeds perfectly,’ it thought to itself with great satisfaction.

# # # # # # # # # #

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